Mobile Gaming: India's $5B+ Market Opportunity

Sequoia India – Rajan Anandan, Prachi Pawar, Pushpak Kedia, Sudhanshu Mishra

Gaming today is growing faster than most media sub-sectors in India. Even though currently smaller than the US and China, gaming in India is sizeable at $1.5B (~1% global share) and expected to triple in size to a $5B+ market by 2025 on the back of the "mobile-first" phenomenon. The industry has been catalyzed by better smartphones, increased internet access, popular titles, influencers, and the global pandemic.

With this context, BCG partnered with Sequoia Capital to assess the current mobile gaming market in India and its prospects for expansion in this report. The report dives deep into the evolution of Indian mobile gaming across genre, engagement, and monetization dimensions and highlights how India is emerging as both an investment and a talent hub for gaming. It also talks about the six key imperatives that will drive the next wave of growth for this fast-paced industry which mainly includes enhancing the discovery and adoption through casual and free to play games, diversifying genres to increase engagement and retention, and effectively driving monetization through localized pricing strategies, among others.