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BCG in Chennai

Hyatt Regency Chennai
Level-1, 365 Anna Salai, Teynampet
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

T +91 44 6618 2100

F +91 124 459 7001

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Consultant Recruiting

Nidhi Madan

New Delhi


Jasmin Pithawala


Featured News

Retail 4.0: Winning the 20s

Retail 4.0: Winning the 20s - Three decades gone by, a new world of possibilities awaits

Organized retail in India has been shaped by three distinct growth waves over the past decades. The first wave was all about a new physical world of retail experience through large format multi-brand stores and exclusive branded stores, the second was triggered by the entry of large players in food retail through hyper and supermarkets, and the third fueled by rise of e-commerce and rise of foreign brands.

The report talks about likely trends that could shape the industry in the next 5-10 years, considering multiple dimensions of consumer shifts, supply side innovations, data and technology driven disruptions, new competitive forces and regulations.

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Demystifying the Online Food Consumer: An $8 Billion Opportunity

The online food ordering industry in India is expected to be approximately USD 8 BN by 2022. The report outlines the triggers that drive Indians consumers to order food online, the key reasons which make them continue to stay engaged, barriers that prevent consumers from adopting online food ordering as a service, and potential growth opportunities for food tech players. In addition, the report also highlights examples of online food ordering businesses in other parts of the world and explains the different business models they adopted along their evolution journey.

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Demystifying the Online Food Consumer: An $8 Billion Opportunity
Energy Transitions: Adapting to the New Normal of the Changing World

Energy Transitions: Adapting to the New Normal of the Changing World

While the global energy system is witnessing progressive transformation , the report focuses on the various challenges that global oil and gas firms are facing which are questioning the sector’s business operations. However it tries to present some possible solutions to meet the growing global energy demand with reduced emissions; some options that companies may consider as they prepare to be part of a world with net zero emissions by 2050.

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BCG India CSR Policy

Our social-impact work seeks to make a difference beyond the business world. Having a beneficial social impact is fundamental to who we are as an organization and is one of our nine stated values. BCG's involvement in this area is motivated by our desire to make a positive difference to society in general and often to the underprivileged in particular. The CSR policy of The Boston Consulting Group (India) Pvt Ltd highlights the Company's philosophy towards Corporate Social Responsibility and lays down the guiding principles for undertaking the Company's CSR activities in India.

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BCG India CSR Policy