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BCG in Chennai

Hyatt Regency Chennai
Level-1, 365 Anna Salai, Teynampet
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

T +91 44 6618 2100

F +91 124 459 7001

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Consultant Recruiting

Nidhi Madan

New Delhi


Jasmin Pithawala


Featured News

Credit Disrupted: Digital MSME Lending in India

Credit Disrupted: Digital MSME Lending in India

India’s 60 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) make an enormous contribution both to India’s employment and its gross domestic product (GDP). However, India has yet to reach its potential, lagging 10 percentage points behind the US and 23 points behind China in GDP contribution.
The report talks about how digital lending to MSMEs in India has significant potential to disrupt the status quo in financial services. Digital lending to MSME's is projected to increase between 10 and 15 times by 2023, to between 6 and 7 Lakh Crore ($80-100 billion) in annual disbursements. Combined with a largely level playing field in India, without dominant incumbents, a range of entrants and business models can be successful in tapping that market.

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CII-BCG One Consumer, Many Interactions

Media consumption in India is growing much faster than US and China creating up to a trillion interactions with consumers per annum. However, it's only getting started - there is still ample head room to grow as penetration and device proliferation increases. These trends will fundamentally change the way media houses of the future will look, along multiple axis, including the content produced, relationships with advertisers and technology backbone and talent that drive the organization. In this report we deep dive into the trends impacting this industry and what media houses, industry bodies and government need to do adjust to this evolving reality.

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CII-BCG One Consumer, Many Interactions
Entertainment Goes Online - A $5 Billion Opportunity

Entertainment Goes Online - A $5 Billion Opportunity

The past decade has seen a global transformation in how consumers watch videos and listen to music. From the days of terrestrial broadcast, social viewing of television to highly personalised, small screen consumption - the media industry is witnessing a transformation like no other. The rate of change in the industry only continues to accelerate, with hyper-competitive dynamics coming into play in India. There are the traditional players, and a strong push from global and more nimble companies go get into the OTT space. At the same time, India’s appetite for entertainment continues to increase as high speed broadband connectivity, ease of payment options and a availability of multiple platforms creates the right environment for the consumers.

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BCG India CSR Policy

Our social-impact work seeks to make a difference beyond the business world. Having a beneficial social impact is fundamental to who we are as an organization and is one of our nine stated values. BCG's involvement in this area is motivated by our desire to make a positive difference to society in general and often to the underprivileged in particular. The CSR policy of The Boston Consulting Group (India) Pvt Ltd highlights the Company's philosophy towards Corporate Social Responsibility and lays down the guiding principles for undertaking the Company's CSR activities in India.

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BCG India CSR Policy