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BCG in Hong Kong

34th Floor, Tower Two
Times Square, Causeway Bay 
Hong Kong

T +852 2506 2111

F +852 2506 9084

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Office Administrator

Consultant Recruiting

Carol Tsoi

Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Hong Kong


Yannie Li

HR Coordinator

Hong Kong


Jeremy An

Marketing Manager


Featured News

Global Digital Wealth Management Report 2018: Building Trust and Reshaping the Value Chain with Technology

Digital wealth management should be distinguished from pure online wealth management and pure cash management, underscoring the increasingly important role of technology in wealth management, especially in the Chinese market. China’s digital wealth management market is now at a turning point for transformation, and four types of players, namely traffic-based institutions, vertical institutions, digitalized traditional institutions and integrated institutions, are vying with each other. Digital wealth management platforms cannot win without six key success factors (KSFs): value proposition, business model, client value management system, investment research and advisory capabilities, technological application capabilities and agile organization.

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Five Profiles that Explain China’s Consumer Economy

Rising of Super City Clusters: Envision an Urban Future for All

The new generation of city clusters that evolves around emerging megacities will feature larger population, faster expansion and broader reach compared to their counterparts in developed nations during the same stage of economic development. Such characteristics will likely magnify the conflicts and imbalances that arise as byproduct of urban development. Resolving such conflicts and imbalances requires a comprehensive solution that encompasses coordinated development, inclusive growth and circular economy.

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The Belt and Road Initiative: An Inclusive and Symbiotic Approach to Shared Global Prosperity

An inclusive and symbiotic model will be able to address the myriad challenges arising from the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative. Both the government and enterprises should make efforts to establish a collaborative platform and develop the core capacities required for the local markets in BRI countries.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Financial Job Market

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Financial Job Market

AI technology will change the business world in three aspects: automation, intelligence and creation. It will increase automation, support intelligent analysis and decision-making, and create new business models and industries. In the financial sector, it will make some jobs redundant, while at the same time increasing efficiency and creating jobs. Based on analysis of the three major value chains in the financial services sector — banking, insurance and capital markets, this report will examine the potential impact of AI technology on each industry, its jobs and activities, and further estimate the impact on overall employment in the financial industry.

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