The CEO’s Dilemma

The CEO’s Dilemma: Business Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty

Leaders face an uncertain landscape. The impact of each decision feels impossible to predict, which is why they need strategies that are proactive, resilient, and competitive. No matter their starting point, BCG can help.

From geopolitical tension and supply chain bottlenecks to soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and decelerating growth, businesses must navigate a range of complicated global headwinds. Despite these challenges, leaders have a powerful opportunity to build business resilience and competitive advantage.

Our Approach to Business Resilience

It’s never been more important for leaders navigating uncertainty to sharpen their approach to managing volatility and cost reduction. While an economic downturn is never guaranteed, leaders need a strong resilience strategy in order to evaluate trade-offs and successfully lead. No two resilience journeys are the same, with each path forward individually based on region and industry, so BCG’s business resilience consulting experts help leaders recognize their starting points and guide them each step of the way. Our business resilience framework—sense, adapt, and thrive—equips leaders managing uncertainty with a head-on approach or a more long-term strategy.

Find Your Starting Point and Take the First Step

Build Your Business Resilience Strategy

BCG’s approach helps leaders chart their course for the future and build a more resilient enterprise, no matter their starting point. We draw on our strategic heritage to help companies reinforce their positions and create functional advantage, even in moments of disruption.

Explore Our Insights on Business Resilience

The Action Imperative: A CEO’s Dilemma

Leaders have never confronted such a complex mix of volatile conditions in so many areas all at once. BCG helps executives design resilience strategies with objectives that are as ambitious as they are sensible.


How Retailers Win During Times of Turmoil

Retail is dragging—and inflation is just one of the many reasons why. Talent management worries, uncertainty around consumer spending, ongoing supply chain volatility, and flattening e-commerce growth continue to create huge challenges.

Executive Perspectives

Transform for Resilience

In this edition of BCG’s Executive Perspectives, we examine the disruptive forces that are bearing down on business leaders today, offering concrete actions that they can take to capture lasting competitive advantage and create more resilient organizations.

The Business Leader's Path Through Economic Turmoil | SWARM 2 | rectangle

The Business Leader’s Path Through Economic Turmoil

Pay attention to immediate risks—but remember to look for the many opportunities to build long-term resilience and advantage. BCG experts describe today’s volatility and how companies can turn from uncertainty to action.


How to Build a Competitive Cost Advantage

Three simple questions are top of mind as the global economic environment shifts: How do we counteract recent margin compression? How should we prepare for a potential recession? How can cost optimization address these trends?

In the Spotlight


Reinforce Financial Performance

Today’s uncertain macroeconomic environment requires leaders to build advantage into every aspect of their business, from financial resilience in business to supply chain resilience to pricing to cost management. Read our latest insights on bolstering your core business in the face of uncertainty.

Building Financial Resilience Promo
Executive Perspectives

Building Financial Resilience

Prices are rising. An energy crisis is brewing. And interest rates are climbing amid the worst inflation seen in decades. We explore how businesses can withstand and emerge stronger from these events by building the financial resilience they need to thrive.

Future-Proofing Your Product Supply Network | Rectangle

Future-Proofing Your Product Supply Network

Building resilience and promoting sustainability while maintaining cost efficiency, service levels, and growth requires redesigning your network—and that will take several years. Better get started.

Invest for Future Growth

Caution would be the first response of many companies facing turmoil in global markets—but some organizations are well positioned to take bold actions in such times, laying a foundation for future success.

How Health Insurers Can Keep Talent and Cut Costs | rectangle

How Health Insurers Can Keep Talent and Cut Costs

A confluence of factors means the time-tested approaches to cost control won’t work. Insurers need to rethink how they achieve more with less while maintaining a strong customer focus and employee value proposition.


Five Actions to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Strategy

In a downturn, marketers who make strategic decisions will excel when the dust settles. With more control, flexibility, and precision than ever, resilient marketers can invest in personalization and smart allocation to create competitive advantage.

Perspectives from BCG’s Business Resilience Consulting Experts

Meet BCG’s Experts in Business Resilience and Navigating Uncertainty

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The CEO’s Dilemma: Business Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty