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The 2022 Value Creators Rankings

Value Creators Report Collection

BCG Value Creators Report: The Collection

BCG has published annual rankings of the top value creators—and perspectives on value creation trends—since 1998. Explore the full series, including the latest rankings.

BCG at Davos

BCG-WEF Project: The Net-Zero Challenge

BCG-WEF Project: The Net-Zero Challenge

The race to net-zero emissions will forever change the way many companies do business. The immediacy, pace, and extent of change are still widely underestimated. Early movers can seize significant advantage. This report shows how.

Why AI Needs a Social License - rectangle

Why AI Needs a Social License

If business wants to use AI at scale, adhering to the technical guidelines for responsible AI development isn’t enough. It must obtain society’s explicit approval to deploy the technology.

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BCG Executive Perspectives

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. Explore these topics and read the latest thinking from BCG's experts.


The So What: A Business Strategy Podcast

From COVID-19 to social inequity, this business strategy podcast series looks around business and social trends and ideas that will disrupt the future.


Climate and Environment

The BCG Center for Climate and Sustainability helps clients develop climate and sustainability solutions to secure sustainable competitive advantage.


Artificial Intelligence

Scaling artificial intelligence can create a massive competitive advantage. Learn how our AI-driven initiatives have helped clients extract value.

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Electric Cars Are Finding Their Next Gear

The world stands on the threshold of a new age of electrified mobility thanks to developments over the past year. Spurred by a renewed sense of urgency, regulators in Europe and the US have set far more demanding goals for curbing greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light vehicles. Automakers have also raised their game and introduced electric vehicle (EV) options in every part of their product portfolios. Together, these forces are turbocharging the global market for EVs.

Topics: Climate
Global Asset Management 2022 - rectangle

From Tailwinds to Turbulence

Our 20th annual report on the asset management industry looks back at a long period of growth—and explores the changes that lie ahead.

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Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG