How the Consumer Industry Can Boost Healthier Eating

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How the Consumer Industry Can Boost Healthier Eating

By Marcus BokkerinkPatrick DucasseKhaled TawfikTanmay JainAlexandra VedernikovaRalph HargreavesJoseph Ellis, and Olivier Lamare

Boston Consulting Group and Nielsen Global Connect, together with The Consumer Goods Forum, completed an in-depth survey about healthy eating in 2019, questioning 7,000 diverse consumers across the globe. Part of the Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition, the study included interviews with the CEOs of 15 large retail businesses and consumer goods manufacturers.

Diet a Key Health Metric

The study revealed the growing importance of healthier eating globally, with 23% of respondents admitting they struggle to achieve a healthy, balanced approach to diet. CEOs interviewed agreed, stating that a healthier diet is both a moral and a business imperative for the industry.

CEOs Taking Action

These CEOs believed their most material impact on consumer nutrition would come from increased transparency and health education, proactive company actions—especially in affordability, formulation, and the accessibility of healthier foods—and the use of government regulation to ensure a level playing field. Some of these initiatives would be effective in isolation, while others would benefit from industry or industry-government collaboration.

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How the Consumer Industry Can Boost Healthier Eating