Deutsche Telekom Gives Customer Service an Agile Makeover


Deutsche Telekom became Germany’s largest mobile service provider primarily on the basis of its superior network. But the company’s leaders knew that technology alone wouldn’t keep it on top. To remain a premium brand, they needed to bring the same level of excellence to customer service.

The decision led Deutsche Telekom to adopt agile ways of working to transform the customer service function. The company used agile methods to test different approaches to improving call-handling times, customer satisfaction ratings, and other parameters, beginning in a single pilot site and eventually rolling out the most successful changes throughout its internal call centers.

In this interview, Gero Niemeyer, who led the agile transformation and is currently chief financial officer at Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta Telekom division in Austria, explains what led the company to make the change, how the agile rollout worked, and what some of the key results have been.

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