Seeing the Big Picture: Harnessing Digital to Drive M&E Growth

Shaveen Garg Pallavi Malani Nimisha Jain Kanika Sanghi Sidharth Madaan Nivedita Balaji Aditya Fialok Saket Jha Saurabh Shweta Bajpai Shashi Udyavar Alpi Chaudhari Kaumudi Mahajan

With the meteoric growth in online content and on-demand streaming platforms in India, the media and entertainment landscape in the country has transformed dramatically over the last few years. The report unravels key consumer trends around how India is consuming content while busting prevailing myths and highlighting the growing digital influence that is increasingly driving people’s viewing preferences. Digital influence implies the role of digital in content discovery, sharing, and engagement both before and after viewing content.

‘Seeing the BIG Picture - Harnessing digital to drive M&E growth’ a Meta-commissioned report by BCG was done with over 2600 consumers across 15 towns and cities. The study also includes in-depth interviews with consumers and industry leaders from Linear TV (LTV), OTT platforms, and Movie Studios.

Among the most significant findings of the report is that contrary to industry perception women, and small-town residents, and people over 35 years of age have significant digital influence driving their content consumption discovery and choices.

Similarly, before watching something on OTT, more people from smaller towns (81%) use digital for content discovery than people from large towns (74%). Moreover, contrary to popular belief, digital discovery is on the upswing, even for linear TV, with linear TV viewers increasingly seeking information and engagement online for the content they watch. For more myth busters and insights from the report, we would urge you to read the full report.