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Brazil Climate Report 2024: Seizing Brazil's Climate Potential

Arthur Ramos Ricardo Pierozzi Santino Lacanna Thais Esteves Raquel Lemos Antonia Rodriguez Matheus Munhoz Fernando Thiers Fabiana Reganati Vitória Bellini Alexia Schatz Rogenfisch Luiza Carneiro Boechat Jorge Hargrave Natalia Andrade

Brazil has the potential to become a global hub for climate solutions, with the possibility of attracting up to $3 trillion in investments. The report underscores the urgent need to transition to a carbon-neutral economy, highlighting Brazil's essential role in mitigating climate change and addressing the greenhouse effect.

Decarbonizing the global economy will require investments estimated between $100 trillion and $150 trillion over the next three decades. Key actions include adopting renewable energy, biomass, and biofuels, ending deforestation, promoting sustainable agriculture, implementing carbon offsetting, electrification, and developing green hydrogen. Brazil is strategically positioned to lead due to its nature-based solutions and strong competitiveness in renewable energy.