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Our Latest Thinking on Operations

Improving operations has never been easy, and the rise of digital has ushered in a new set of both challenges and opportunities. Capitalizing on big data, machine learning, and AI to boost efficiency is essential, but requires new skillsets and a cultural overhaul. Explore BCG's latest thought leadership on operations for a foundation in digital operations and more.

Featured Insights

Lean and Manufacturing

European Procurement Roundtable

At BCG's 12th annual European procurement roundtable, in Barcelona, more than 50 chief procurement officers discussed strategy in times of disruption.

BCG’s Latest Operations Insights

Operations touches all aspects of the product journey, an increasingly interdependent and globalized process. Follow BCG on Operations on LinkedIn for a collection of insights and news from BCG’s Operations practice.

Design, Engineer, Build

Think Big

Behind think big is transparency and collaboration, that’s how BCG conceives a successful large capital project. Let’s think big to make big things happen.

The Most Innovative Companies 2018

BCG’s 2018 most innovative companies report focuses on the ways digital is transforming  products, services, and the processes that create them.

Why Project Managers Should Reward Bad News

Why Project Managers Should Reward Bad News

“Tell me the bad news first” should be every project manager’s motto. By welcoming bad news, managers of large-capex projects can make better decisions and improve project performance.

Service & Support

Robotics at your service!

Robotics at your service!

We all know the wonders of robotics technology, but it’s in the services environment where the advent of robotics process automation has the ability to disrupt business efficiency.

Service 4.0: Transforming Customer Interactions

Service 4.0: Transforming Customer Interactions

Customers today have dramatically higher expectations, but traditional service providers often fail to meet these demands. Service 4.0 represents a fundamental transformation that can help companies meet consumers’ greater needs.

Cost & Efficiency

The Corporate Center of the Future

The Corporate Center of the Future

The growth of automation, digitalization, and virtual collaboration is putting pressure on companies to reimagine the way their corporate centers operate.

Change Management

Expert Interviews

Максимизация эффективности производства в современном бизнес-контексте

Максимизация эффективности производства в современном бизнес-контексте

Frédérik Jobert on Large Capital Project Management

Основы внешних инноваций от нашего эксперта в области НИОКР

Olaf Rehse on Lean in Services

Amit Ganeriwalla on Supply Chains in the Digital Era

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