TED@BCG Toronto—2018

Transformations are radically altering our lives, making it more daunting than ever to make a positive impact on our wellbeing, our productivity, and our world. We need to reboot. This year’s TED@BCG speakers will address the need to rethink our definition of the bottom line in today’s world, where business as usual isn’t cutting it. Learn about our 2018 TED speakers.

Opening Remarks from Rich Lesser

BCG’s Rich Lesser welcomes you to our 2018 TED@BCG event. The spirit of rebooting, says Rich, is not just about incremental improvement. It is the chance to employ fundamental changes to the way we approach technology, globalization, social responsibility, ways of working, and more.

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Ink Made of Air Pollution


Ink Made of Air Pollution

BCG expert Martin Danoesastro speaking

What Are You Willing to Give Up to Change the Way We Work?


How to Break Bad Management Habits Before They Reach the Next Generation of Leaders


Why You Should Treat the Tech You Use at Work Like a Colleague


A Lesson on Looking


Confessions of a Recovering Micromanager

How to Disagree Productively and Find Common Ground

How to Disagree Productively and Find Common Ground


Globalization Isn’t Declining—It’s Transforming


A New Model for Microfinance in Africa, and Beyond


How Do We Stop the Massive Inequality Dominating the World Economy?


Behind the Scenes at TED

A Day in the Life of a TED Speaker

Sit in on a conversation between BCG’s Shalini Unnikrishnan and Michael Ringel; they share their experiences as former TED speakers and discuss the Reboot event.

Preparing for a TED Talk

Learn what it takes to prepare a TED talk from two TED veterans: Amy Rule, director for BCG’s external relations, and Briar Goldberg, speaker coach director for TED.