Center for Illinois’ Future

Center for Illinois’ Future

The employees and leaders of BCG’s Chicago office are committed to making a difference for the people of Illinois. We are passionate about driving transformative change on critical issues that affect the people of the state.

About Us

Since the founding of BCG’s Chicago office in 1979, we have partnered with organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advance important public and social sector programs in Illinois.

In 2017, we launched the Center for Illinois' Future, which further focuses our time, talent, and capabilities on the people and social sector organizations of Illinois.

Investing in Impact

Through the Center for Illinois' Future, BCG's Chicago office is investing its proven expertise to help organizations drive positive social change in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

Over the past decade, BCG has worked with more than 70 social impact and public sector organizations throughout Illinois, across a broad variety of social issues. We’ve also invested approximately $75 million in Illinois-based organizations—and our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of the people of Illinois is stronger than ever.

BCG has worked with a wide range of social impact and public sector organizations throughout Chicago and Illinois. We’ve been privileged to work with the City of Chicago, the University of Chicago Urban Labs, Advance Illinois, Northwestern University, The Field Museum, the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, the Latino Policy Forum, and many other outstanding organizations.