The CEO’s Dilemma

The CEO’s Dilemma: Business Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty

Leaders face an uncertain landscape. The impact of each decision feels impossible to predict, which is why they need a resilience strategy that is proactive, resilient, and competitive. No matter their starting point, BCG can help.

From geopolitical tension and supply chain bottlenecks to soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and decelerating growth, businesses must navigate a range of complicated global headwinds. Despite these challenges, leaders have a powerful opportunity to build business resilience and competitive advantage.

Our Approach to Business Resilience

It’s never been more important for leaders navigating uncertainty to sharpen their approach to managing volatility and cost reduction. While an economic downturn is never guaranteed, leaders need a strong resilience strategy in order to evaluate trade-offs and successfully lead. No two resilience journeys are the same, with each path forward individually based on region and industry, so BCG’s business resilience consulting experts help leaders recognize their starting points and guide them each step of the way. Our business resilience framework—sense, adapt, and thrive—equips leaders managing uncertainty with a head-on approach or a more long-term business resilience strategy.

Build Your Business Resilience Strategy

BCG’s approach and business resilience frameworks help leaders chart their course for the future and build a more resilient enterprise, no matter their starting point. Our business resilience consulting teams draw on our strategic heritage to help companies reinforce their positions and create functional advantage, even in moments of disruption.

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Reinforce Financial Performance

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Invest for Future Growth

Caution would be the first response of many companies facing turmoil in global markets—but thanks to business resilience frameworks and strategic planning, some organizations are well positioned to take bold actions in such times, laying a foundation for future success.

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The CEO’s Dilemma: Business Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty