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始终进行的业务转型对于如何在颠覆性时期生存下去至关重要。要想保持领先地位,企业必须进行转型,即便他们已经占领市场的情况下。但是75%的商业转型项目失败了,其失败很大程度归因于缺乏一种严格的转型方法。BCG 能帮助客户战胜这些困难。

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Most CEOs consider business transformation to be a top priority. And they’re well aware of the high failure rates of business transformation programs. But despite this awareness, too many executives rely on anecdotal evidence to try to improve their odds of success.

BCG helps these leaders take a decidedly different approach—one that relies on empirical evidence of what really leads to a successful transformation. Most important, BCG analysis of hundreds of transformations shows that starting the transformation process preemptively—when all seems well—delivers greater long-term value than transforming reactively does. What’s more, it does so faster and more reliably.

But even companies that haven’t launched preemptive change efforts and have seen their performance slip can get back on track. BCG helps such companies execute the business transformations essential for combating strategic crises (including declining profitability and shrinking market share), initiate a business turnaround if their situation morphs into a profit crisis, and manage a restructuring if needed to turn insolvency into revitalization.

Our business transformation consultants work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help change their companies’ trajectories—no matter where they are on their transformation journeys.

BCG TURN Sets the Stage for Successful Business Transformation

BCG TURN—a special unit within BCG—helps executives deliver rapid, visible, and sustainable step-change improvement in business performance; strengthen their organizations to win in the future; and turn their companies’ upside potential into radical performance gains. BCG TURN’s transformation experts have proven track records and are invested in clients’ sustainable success.

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BCG 已支持全球各行各业的客户完成了数百个大规模业务转型项目。我们的客户已经迅速实现了颇有成果且可持续的变革,同时也稳固和定位了他们的组织,以赢得未来几年的胜利。



Carlsberg’s Transformation and Reinvention

The brewing company’s president and CEO discusses its recent transformation—what spurred it, details of the implementation, and early results.

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