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根据丰富的消费者洞察知识和正确的战略,企业领导团队能够抓住增长机遇,解决紧迫的业务问题。BCG 消费者洞察智库结合运用对客户行为的了解、深度的洞察数据库、与市场领先的数字创新者的广泛合作,以及将洞察转化为切实可行的需求的独特方法,为我们的客户带来价值。

More than 75% of CEOs, presidents, and chief operating officers believe customer insight is critical to accelerating growth, but very few companies use—or even have—all the customer information available before making major decisions. More importantly, most companies find it challenging to interpret insights and distill them into actionable and business-relevant imperatives. And despite the common misconception, customer insight programs are not just for consumer-focused organizations. B2B and B2C companies in industries from health care to energy can unlock dramatic growth through this data and achieve larger business goals.

How BCG Turns Customer Insight into Sustainable Advantage

BCG research shows that 80% of companies have only the most basic customer insight tools and capabilities, and they underuse what little they have. BCG’s Center for Customer Insight team is experienced in BCG’s unique hypothesis-driven approach to converting insights into action. We are the engine behind BCG’s innovative customer-centric programs, powering our partnerships with clients in areas such as marketing, sales, and pricing.

Whereas the typical approach to capturing customer insights includes research disconnected from strategy, as well as analysis that attempts to answer a given question, we carefully integrate research into broader strategic decision making and inform the most important executive-level questions. And instead of leveraging a massive volume of data from multiple sources, our customer insight experts—consultants who bring strong business acumen to every project—prioritize the data that will best solve the problems at hand.

我们自行实施定量和定性研究——通常使用专有的 BCG 工具和诀窍(例如 MindDiscovery 和以需求为中心的增长)以及先进的数字化倾听工具,以发现与客户行为和思维最相关的信息。我们为行业和市场生成基本的客户洞察,这些洞察没有机构信息或联合信息。





Our Client Work in Customer Insights

Our customer insight consulting team has delivered the benefits of customer insights in more than 4,000 client cases, across 50-plus countries, representing more than 40% of Fortune Global 100 companies. Examples of our work include:

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Customer Insights