Our Latest Thinking on Customer Insights

Many companies lack reliable customer data and have insufficient insights into customer behavior. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on customer insights for underexplored growth opportunities for your business.


Consumer Sustainability Trends

Taking Alternative Proteins Mainstream

Alternative dairy products have appealed to mainstream consumers more successfully than alternative meats have. Here’s how companies of both kinds can step up their marketing.

Consumer Sentiment

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Complexity and Excellence—The Year Ahead

Despite many challenges, Chinese entrepreneurs are taking the initiative to find new opportunities and increase firm profits, with many sectors showing signs of growth in 2023. Learn more in our Q1 2024 China Consumer Market Quarterly Watch.

Inflation | Collection | Hero Gradient

Our Insights on Inflation

Explore BCG’s insights on how to navigate today’s inflationary environment while building competitive advantage for tomorrow.

Customer Experience

What Will AI Do for Customer Experience?

A revolution is underway in personalized shopping, customer service, and marketing. Companies that successfully deploy generative AI can set themselves apart from the competition.

Customer Journey

What’s Possible? GenAI and Customer Service

Matthew Kropp looks at the way customer interactions with brands will be transformed by a new breed of conversational chatbots—offering no wait times, 24/7 access, 100% recall of support information, and cost savings up to 80 percent.

Customer Demand

Getting to the Heart of Why Consumers Choose What They Do

Two BCG experts share how Demand Centric Growth helps you throw out your preconceived notions of what drives the market and step back to take a fresh look at the facts.

Customer Data in Emerging Markets

Four Myths and Misunderstandings about Doing Business in Africa

International businesses are missing out by underestimating Africans, making costly assumptions about diversity, preferences, and buying power. BCG Consultant Nomava Zanazo shares what companies need to know to succeed on the continent.

Customer Data in Global Markets

Hidden Connections That Transcend Borders and Defy Stereotypes

BCG managing director and partner Aparna Bharadwaj looks at under-the-radar affinities that reach beyond individual cultures, highlighting patterns that could bring the world closer together.

Searching for Patterns in a World of Consumer Diversity

Aparna Bharadwaj, a BCG managing director and partner, discusses the surprising findings from BCG’s research into what motivates consumer choice around the world.

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