How We Partner with Clients on Digital, Technology, and Data

DigitalBCG creates long-lasting value and growth by investing in our clients’ digital and human capabilities. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with organizations to unlock human potential and meet the challenges of continual disruption.

What is DigitalBCG?

DigitalBCG helps clients harness the power of digital, technology, and data to launch new digital ventures, drive digital transformation, and push the boundaries of innovation.


In today’s unstable business environment, clients need to own their digital futures. DigitalBCG's unique, collaborative engagement model focuses on building and scaling capabilities across people and technology—in parallel—so companies can design and create through hands-on experience, deliver end-to-end digital programs, and attract new talent. By optimizing digital, technology, and data capabilities, our clients have achieved transformative results:

Hear from Our Digital, Technology, and Data Clients


艾尔建发现超过 6,500 万消费者对医疗美容表现出极大的兴趣,因此,该公司寻求成为这方面领先的数字化信息中心。DigitalBCG 帮助艾尔建成立了三家直接面向消费者的数字化公司。

Integrated Teams Drive Our Client Collaborations

DigitalBCG's interdisciplinary digital consulting teams working on digital, technology, and data projects consist of digitally savvy BCG consultants with a wide range of industry, functional, and technology expertise, and experts from specialized talent pools that extend the range of BCG's capabilities.

We collaborate seamlessly with clients’ existing vendors and bring the power of our global partnership ecosystem to bear to ensure a comprehensive and fully customized digital transformation.

Inside Our Digital Immersive Locations

BCG has more than 20 immersive locations around the globe, so clients can experience firsthand how digital will impact their companies and strategies, ideate with experts across disciplines, demo leading-edge technologies, and be inspired by teams driving real digital impact. These spaces demonstrate the culmination of our diverse digital competencies—as varied as digital business strategy, data science and analytics, and enterprise technology architecture—and enable clients to set the foundation for successful digital transformation journeys.

Meet Our Digital Consulting Leaders

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Digital, Technology, and Data