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改善运营从来不是一件易事,数字化的崛起带来了新的挑战和机遇。利用大数据、机器学习和人工智能来提高效率确实非常重要,但需要配套的新技能和文化改革。探索 BCG 在数字化运营等方面的前沿思想洞察。

Featured Insights

Digital Operations

How Ford Organized for Digital Operations at Scale

Digitization—when done right and at scale—yields impressive results. Discover how manufacturing companies can learn from Ford’s success as Mike Mikula, Ford’s global chief engineer, shares insights with BCG’s Jonathan Van Wyck.

Lean and Manufacturing

Lean & Manufacturing - Blockchain in the Factory of the Future

Blockchain in the Factory of the Future

Manufacturing operations increasingly require data sharing and collaboration across complex networks of companies and machines. Is blockchain the solution to these challenges?

Supply Chain Management

Conquering Complexity in Supply Chains with Digital Twins

Conquering Complexity in Supply Chains with Digital Twins

Companies can anticipate risks and make critical optimization decisions far sooner than previously possible.

2019 European Procurement Roundtable

At BCG's 13th annual European procurement roundtable, in Munich, more than 80 CPOs and procurement executives discussed what it will take to win in the next decade.

Procurement - Taming Tail Spend

Taming Tail Spend

Digital can help procurement teams gain a much deeper understanding of their purchases—and cut costs significantly.

BCG’s Latest Operations Insights

Operations touches all aspects of the product journey, an increasingly interdependent and globalized process. Follow BCG on Operations on LinkedIn for a collection of insights and news from BCG’s Operations practice.

Design, Engineer, Build

Think Big

Behind Think Big is transparency and collaboration. That's how BCG conceives a successful large capital project. Let’s think big to make big things happen.

Operations in China





Service & Support

Service 4.0: Transforming Customer Interactions

Service 4.0: Transforming Customer Interactions

Customers today have high expectations, but traditional service providers often fail to meet those demands. Service 4.0 represents a fundamental transformation that can help companies meet consumers' needs.

Cost & Efficiency

The Corporate Center of the Future

The growth of automation, digitalization, and virtual collaboration is putting pressure on companies to reimagine the way their corporate centers operate.

Change Management

Are You Ready to Transform?

Are You Ready to Transform?

Change is hard, but readiness is all. Companies prepared to manage the leader, people, and program journeys can double their chances of success.

Expert Interviews

Secrets Behind Successful Large Capex Projects

Secrets Behind Successful Large Capex Projects

Digital Supply Chain Transformation


Frédérik Jobert on Large Capital Project Management


Olaf Rehse on Lean in Services

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