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  • 员工如何在组织中推动业务价值?人力资源如何帮助最大化这种价值?
  • 什么是正确的人力资源运营模式和组织框架,以确保领导者负责人才战略和实施?
  • 如何构建人力资源流程和数字化人力资源实践? 成功需要什么样的人力资源战略和能力?
  • 可用于支持人力资源工作的最有前途的、创新的数字化 IT 解决方案是什么?

Armed with these insights, companies can reinvent human resources for the digital era by excelling in three areas: digital HR, employee life cycle, and HR and people analytics.

Managing Employee Journeys Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

BCG 的员工旅程方法使人力资源工作人员能够在整个员工生命周期中优化员工体验——从员工入职到再培训,一直持续到员工退休前后。

HR and People Analytics Tools

Our HR and people analytics tools generate quantitative—and actionable—data on what people do at work, how a transformation will affect their work, and how changes in behavior can improve financial performance. We help our clients anticipate future HR trends and prepare their organization and workforce.

With Workplace Analytics, Microsoft and BCG are activating behavioral change. We offer data-driven interventions to unlock the potential for collaboration and productivity and to quantify the impact of transformation projects.

BCG’s WISE—Workforce Inclusion Scorecard and Evaluation—provides transparency into how diverse employees are represented across the employee life cycle: recruiting, retention, attrition, and promotion. The WISE dashboard can be used to set diversity goals and to predict and track progress.

Diversity analytics can be explored further through DIAL—Diversity & Inclusion Assessment for Leadership—an online survey tool that measures how employees assess a company’s progress in diversity and inclusion. DIAL identifies what works well and where action is needed to enable companies to drive meaningful change. Its results can be compared against benchmarks in more than ten industries

Featured Client Work in Human Resources

Engagement Levels at a Pharma Company Improved More Than 50%

In an organization characterized by low employee engagement and high resistance to change, BCG shaped a new and inclusive way of working that raised engagement levels by more than 50%.

BCG 在人力资源方面的精选洞察

Implementing HR Excellence

In today’s competitive business environment, HR organizations need to adopt a more innovative and active role. Four specific measures can help.

Measuring What Matters in Gender Diversity

Companies won’t have balanced workforces unless they approach diversity like any other business priority, with clear metrics to understand the gaps and targeted interventions to fix them.

Why HR Needs a Reboot

HR leaders must take on a more strategic role in response to big changes, such as the need to harness powerful data analytics and deal with a shift toward freelance work.

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