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TeBit 2017 Executive Report - Time to Double Down on AI and Robotics

Time to Double Down on AI and Robotics

According to BCG’s latest telco IT benchmarking study, artificial intelligence and robotics could change the game for telecom companies—with some caveats.

The TMT Digital Transformation Journey

The TMT Digital Transformation Journey

The greatest shortages at most companies are not in technological know-how but in leadership, the resolve to change, and the skills to rebuild around approaches such as agile.

BCG on Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Disruptive technologies and convergences of digital thinking are revolutionizing the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications industries.

A Model for Bringing Internet Access to the World

To bridge the digital divide between connected nations and parts of the world lacking internet access, BCG partnered with the World Economic Forum. They found, and continue to find, innovative ways to broaden connectivity.

Financing a Forward-Looking Internet for All

Rising internet maturity leads to more sophisticated usage patterns. These require better network infrastructure, but current funding models and mechanisms are insufficient for advancing needs.

Telecommunications in China



有口皆碑 拔得头筹:品牌倡导指数在中国技术、媒体和电信领域的应用




How Mobile Operators Can Profitably Deploy 5G Technology

To capture 5G's full benefits, operators must key their CapEx investments to how customers will actually use the network.

Will Technology Disruption Drive Growth?

Patrick Forth shares his takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2018. Digital transformation is critical for technology, media, and telecommunications companies. This imperative—combined with innovations in 5G, AI, and IoT—will define the future of this industry.

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