Dan Martines co-founded Boston Consulting Group's technology and digital practice (BCG Platinion) in 2015 in North America. Platinion designs, builds, and implements the platforms, digital products, and IT architectures that transform clients into more autonomous, productive, and agile organizations.

Dan has over 24 years of technology architecture and implementation experience, primarily with financial institutions, health care, public sector, retail, and tech industries. He is currently leading tech and data transformations for a health care clinical research organization, and a US military health care provider. He also has retail and commercial banking experience, and leads the firm's work in data engineering and Anaplan transformations.

In recent years, Dan has focused on helping organizations understand the impact of rapid technology change at the intersection of engineering and product-centric cultures, shift to cloud, tech automation, and emergence of data and digital platforms. His client work includes topics such as SRE, AIOps, AI/ML, DevOps, and multi-cloud designs.

Before joining the firm Dan was a senior manager at Accenture and CTO of an analytics startup.

Deep Expertise, Broad Experience