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BCG at Google Cloud Next 2024

As a collaborative partner with Google Cloud, BCG invites you to meet us at Google Cloud Next ’24 in Las Vegas from April 9-11, where our experts will engage with leading industry innovators on the cloud, generative AI (GenAI), cybersecurity, and other critical topics.

IT and business leaders, security professionals, and developers need to know what’s next for the rapidly evolving topics of cloud infrastructure, GenAI, cybersecurity, and the broader digital environment. That’s why our experts will be at Google Cloud Next—to engage with clients, ecosystem partners, and other professionals while presenting innovative new ideas, solutions, and value-creating opportunities.

BCG at Google Cloud Next

BCG and Google Cloud’s collaboration focuses on combining BCG’s deep industry expertise and technology solutions with Google Cloud’s market-leading infrastructure, data analytics, and AI capabilities. BCG and Google Cloud are excited about the transformative capabilities that GenAI can deliver to enterprise customers, and we are devoting significant resources to jointly help customers apply this breakthrough technology through industry-aligned use cases to achieve their business goals.

Bringing Our Expertise to Google Cloud Next

Our experts look forward to engaging with fellow thought leaders about the latest in tech and design, leading-edge cloud and AI capabilities, defending businesses from cyber risk, and building the company of the future.

Explore Our Solutions

We invite you to explore the many innovative solutions available in the BCG X product library, including our exciting new offerings, Fabriq and Lighthouse.

Fabriq by BCG

Fast-track your customized marketing efforts with the Fabriq by BCG personalization engine. Read more to find out how to unleash the power of data-driven marketing.


Lighthouse: Data and Analytics for Real-Time Demand Forecasting

Our high-frequency data and analytics platform allows companies to understand rapid shifts in demand, enabling dynamic planning during uncertain times.

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BCG’s Partner Ecosystem

BCG fosters long-term relationships with a number of today's most relevant and innovative organizations. Learn more about BCG's global partnerships.

Meet Our 2024 Google Cloud Next Delegation

More than 20 BCG thought leaders will attend GCN ’24. We invite you to contact us via the link below to schedule a private meeting or small group discussion.

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What’s top of mind for telcos as they head into 2024? Google Cloud’s Laurence Lafont and BCG’s Djon Kleine discuss how companies are ready to scale GenAI and use it to optimize costs and boost top-line growth.

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BCG x Mandiant

Discover how our partnership is helping organizations proactively mitigate cyber risk and improve resilience.

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