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Mergers and Acquisitions

Post-Merger Integration

How Full-Potential PMI Delivers Superior Results

BCG Managing Director & Partner Ib Löfgrén defines the concept of full-potential PMI—a powerful way to help clients deliver value by creating a platform for future growth—and shows how BCG is supporting clients beyond typical benchmarks for traditional PMIs.



IPO Performance and the Quest for Capital

IPOs offering only existing shares outperform those seeking fresh capital due to the signaling effect associated with a public listing.

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The SPAC Bust Could Be a Boon for Targets | Rectangle

The SPAC Bust Could Be a Boon for Targets

The frenzy surrounding special-purpose acquisition companies has faded. But with hundreds facing a merger deadline, private companies could strike a favorable deal that takes them public.

Joint Ventures

Building a Winning Joint Venture

A remarkably high number of companies report being dissatisfied with their joint ventures. Here’s what to know before getting into one—and the pitfalls to avoid.

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