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M&A Activity by Year: Collected Reports

BCG has published a mergers and acquisitions report—covering M&A activity by year, the current state of the M&A market, and perspectives on deal-making trends—annually since 2003. Explore the full series, including the latest BCG M&A report, here.

For many companies, creating value from mergers and acquisitions has been an elusive goal. BCG has long studied M&A activity to understand evolving trends and what the activity means for value creation in the short and long terms.

Since 2003, our annual M&A report has presented analyses of buy-side and sell-side transactions based on our BCG M&A database, now comprising more than 840,000 deals dating back to 1980. This year’s report examines the issues of ESG in M&A, sustainability, and how companies can use green M&A to advance their environmental agendas. Collectively, our M&A reports offer a longitudinal view of the market’s evolution and how successful dealmakers create value.

Explore Green M&A Activity by Year

The dashboard allows you to study environmentally motivated M&A activity. Explore green M&A by industry, region, time frame, and deal value. See how these deals have grown—especially in the past decade—driven by the power and utilities industry and companies in different regions across the globe. Also, see all M&A activity by year in our comprehensive M&A analysis. The bottom line: Companies that do not use M&A as a primary tool to achieve their environmental goals may be missing out on significant value-creation opportunities.

The 2022 M&A Report: All Lights Green for M&A

 In four chapters, BCG's M&A experts explore current M&A activity and reveal how successful dealmakers create value in an era of ESG-related deals.

Explore BCG’s Past M&A Reports

Since our first annual M&A report in 2003, we have complemented our analyses of M&A activity and trends with strategic insights into how companies can create value from mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. The reports have covered a broad range of macroeconomic environments and industry perspectives, focusing on both traditional and alternative deal types. Across the reports, our analyses pinpoint what infrequent dealmakers can learn from their more experienced counterparts’ successful approaches.

Meet Our M&A Report Team

The authors of our annual mergers & acquisitions reports examine M&A activity to spotlight trends and opportunities. Meet some of our ESG in M&A experts.

How We Track M&A Activity by Year

During the first nine months of 2022, BCG’s Transaction Center conducted the research that underpins BCG’s 2022 M&A Report.

Data Sets

Defining ESG and Environmental M&A Transactions

Short-Term and Long-Term Value Creation

Statistical Significance of Our Results

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Perspectives on Strategy and Value: Insights on creating sustainable value in an uncertain world.

M&A Activity by Year: Collected Reports