Supply Chain AI

Sustaining Value from an Advanced Digital Supply Chain

Now more than ever, supply chains need to be resilient, agile, cost efficient, and sustainable. Supply Chain AI helps companies optimize on all levels—with no tradeoffs.

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boost in EBITDA


decline in costs


increase in service levels


reduction in inventory to increase working capital


decrease in near-term CO2e emissions

About Supply Chain AI

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Supply chains act as our connective tissue, supporting growth and sparking innovation. But increasingly, they are the source of challenges and constraints. Rising costs, shifting demand, critical disruptions—many companies are in a continuous cycle of assessing obstacles, identifying fixes, and hoping for the best.

Supply Chain AI, our digital supply chain offering, lets companies return to creating value. A combination of digital assets, supply chain experts, and data science and engineering talent, Supply Chain AI takes a holistic approach to transforming a company’s supply chain, from strategy and design through integrated planning and optimized execution. Backed by a unique set of AI solutions from BCG X, we enhance seven key supply chain capabilities: network design and optimization, emissions baselining, risk management, end-to-end planning transformation, digital twin representations, control tower visibility, and logistics and distribution automation.

Supply Chain AI helps organizations build for the future, realizing not only the power of digital supply chain technologies but also their own full potential.
Our Approach

Combining People, Processes, and the Power of Supply Chain AI

The supply chain of the future must be digital, resilient, and sustainable. To deliver, companies need the right strategy and the right mix of human and technical capabilities. Our approach amplifies the power of AI in the supply chain—but just as crucially, we help develop the plans, processes, skills, and culture that fuel and accelerate transformation.

Our digital supply chain consultants work in agile ways that bring out the best of both people and tech. Individual squads have expertise in, and accountability for, specific supply chain topics, and they focus on flexibility and enablement. We address gaps by building on top of existing solutions, realizing the full value of a company's data and in-house systems. We also draw on our world-class change management capabilities to ensure success, now and for the long term. Our customizable approach, fit to a client’s unique goals, follows a general paradigm:

How it works

Introducing End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain AI’s seven solutions help companies fuse the best of technical and human capabilities, enhancing visibility, agility, and decision-making across the supply chain.

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Launching New Transformation with Supply Chain AI

Emerging technologies, particularly advanced analytics and generative AI, enable businesses to optimize their supply chain processes and decision making, predict flash points, and quickly adjust course. But digital supply chain technologies cover a lot of ground. The aim, and often the challenge, is to use them where they matter most.

Supply Chain AI has a set of specialized AI solutions built by BCG X, that can be combined and customized in ways that maximize value—keeping the focus on the most important opportunities and issues. Each solution provides a rapid diagnostic to uncover high-value use cases, establishing a complete vision before recommending the right combination of people, processes, and technology. Supply Chain AI can be tailored to a company’s unique targets and benchmarks, and our digital supply chain consultants can build and deploy AI-enabled processes in any environment.


Our Clients’ Success with Supply Chain AI

We’ve worked with businesses across industries and across the globe to help build the supply chains of the future. Here are some examples of our impact.


Meet Our Supply Chain AI Consulting Team

Our digital supply chain consultants are thought leaders on AI in the supply chain—and hands-on practitioners who work side by side with clients on strategy, implementation, and industry-specific topics. Here are some members of our team.

Headshot of BCG managing director and senior partner Dustin Burke

Dustin Burke

Managing Director & Senior Partner



Manoj Kothiyal

Managing Director & Partner


Ashish Pathak.png

Ashish Pathak

PA Product Director - Supply Chain

ACC – Gurugram

Olivier Bouffault.jpg

Olivier Bouffault

Managing Director & Senior Partner; Europe, Middle East, South America, and Africa Chair, BCG X



Paari Rajendran

Managing Director & Partner

San Francisco - Bay Area

Headshot of BCG expert Kosuke Uchida Managing Director & Partner

Kosuke Uchida

Managing Director & Senior Partner



Camille Engel

Managing Director & Partner

New Jersey


Llorenç Mitjavila

Managing Director & Senior Partner


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