Our Latest Thinking on Organization Strategy

Companies working toward digital transformation must also rethink organization design. Explore BCG’s latest thinking on organization to learn what agile and the new ways of working mean for your business.

Organization Design

What’s Possible? GenAI and People

Gaining competitive advantage from generative AI will demand far-reaching redesigns of organizations and human resources. BCG’s Allison Bailey explains.

Future of Work

The Future of Work

BCG partners with the World Economic Forum to develop a blueprint that helps companies manage changes and challenges in the future of work.

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How Unilever Elevated Agile

By looking past the buzzwords and embracing enterprise agility, the company put strategy into action to deliver better, faster, and stronger results.

Align, Iterate, and Grow with BCG’s Agile at Scale

Talent, teamwork, and creativity often smolder in rigid corporate structures and silos. Agile at scale by BCG ignites the spark of innovation at the heart of your organization.

Organizational Culture

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Leadership by Design: Navigate the complexities of today’s leadership and management environment.

Organization Strategy