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OrgBuilder: Synchronizing Structure with Strategy

BCG knows that the essence of organization—people working together collaboratively—is the basis of competitive advantage. That is why we address organizational performance and employee engagement simultaneously through the OrgBuilder suite of consulting services. The OrgBuilder approach helps clients actively resolve complexity and avoid bureaucracy to ensure successful implementation of any organizational change.

The OrgBuilder approach harnesses all of BCG's organization design capabilities to help create high-performing companies that can quickly adapt to a changing world. The OrgBuilder approach's proven success is attributable to the ecosystem of proprietary consulting tools, databases, and the expertise of the BCG OrgBuilder consultants and knowledge experts. To date, over 400 clients have sought out BCG’s revolutionary OrgBuilder consulting services and have seen an average overall headcount cost reduction of 15 to 20 percent. BCG has experience restructuring over four million roles to create higher performing organizations through the OrgBuilder suite of consulting services.

Through BCG's OrgBuilder consulting services, we help our clients accomplish reorganizations that are better, faster, deeper, and more sustainable. Collaboration with our clients is fundamental to delivering sustainable change and is integral to the OrgBuilder approach. We engage our clients in decision making and transfer skills and knowledge to enable future success. This allows them to onboard into new roles faster, ensuring successful implementation of any contemplated reorganization.

The OrgBuilder suite of consulting services provides our clients the ability to develop a tailored, holistic approach to reorganization by synchronizing structure with strategy and placing the right individuals in the right, clearly-defined roles. Our proven track record in change management ensures that the implementation of any organizational change moves beyond the theoretical stage to create visible and long-lasting impact.

The OrgBuilder Approach to Management

The OrgBuilder approach gives clients a detailed view of how their organization is distributed by layer and pay level. This information helps to identify opportunities that can be realized by reducing the number of layers within the organization, and also illuminates management inefficiencies based on span of control analyses across the organization. 

The consulting services provided under the OrgBuilder brand afford clients a deep understanding of role attributes and how they impact managerial requirements. One of the desired outcomes of the OrgBuilder consulting service is to eliminate over and under management, while simultaneously simplifying processes and streamlining management layers. Our proven redesign methodology, implemented specifically within the context of the OrgBuilder approach, typically results in a reduction of two to three layers and an concurrent increase in spans of control by two to three—generating 20-30% savings in managerial costs. Ultimately, reducing layers drives faster decision making and increased staff engagement within the organization.

The OrgBuilder Approach to Excellence in Support Functions

The OrgBuilder suite of consulting services also helps clients identify and improve inefficiencies in corporate support functions. We work with clients to perform a comprehensive health check across seven dimensions, identifying improvement opportunities using industry benchmarks, surveys, and activity-based analysis across 60 sub functions and 200 activities. This typically leads to 20-40% savings and creates more effective support functions.

The OrgBuilder Approach to Accountability & Collaboration

We leverage our database of Role Charters to help leadership teams clarify roles, accountabilities, parameters for success, decision rights, and key leadership behaviors. Role charters with smart rules empower better decision making and boost collaboration – increasing the chances of reorganization success by a factor of six.

The OrgBuilder suite of consulting services optimizes overall organizational structure and enhances role clarity at every level of the organization.

The OrgBuilder Approach to Leadership Performance

Additionally, every enterprise needs to ensure that their leaders and talent are placed in the right roles. The OrgBuilder suite of consulting services engages clients to map past performance of the workforce, current capabilities, and future potential. This information is then analyzed using BCG’s proprietary OrgBuilder People Performance Score Card, which monitors progress against design and talent objectives to optimize the distribution of talent.

Partnering with BCG to take advantage of the innovative approaches offered under its OrgBuilder brand of consulting services increases your organization’s odds of success by aligning your organization's structure with its strategy, creating ongoing thought-partnership and collaboration, and enabling a fair and transparent path to redesign. This increases your chance of reorganization success from less than half to nearly 100%. BCG delivers this through the OrgBuilder brand with our proven organization design framework, decision support tools, multiple databases and benchmarks, and deep network of global experts. Through the OrgBuilder approach, BCG has the ability to deliver reorganizations that are better, faster, deeper, and more sustainable.

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