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BCG Center for Sensing and Mining the Future

Trend tracking is both an art and a science.

The Center for Sensing and Mining the Future is the home of BCG’s global-trend database and helps companies better understand trends that will shape their future. The center tracks more than 90 megatrends that cut across the latest technologies, demographic shifts, and economic developments. More than 600 clients across all industries and regions have benefited from the center’s insights.

In this TED talk, Alison Sander, the head of BCG’s Center for Sensing and Mining the Future, explains how to spot growing trends and gives five tips on how companies can use trends to their advantage.

Alison Sander

Megatrends: The Art and Science of Tracking Trends

What’s next? It’s the question we never stop asking, with new answers emerging every day from trends and data that offer tantalizing clues for the discriminating observer. Alison Sander explains how you can both spot growing trends and use them to your advantage.

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