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Die Effizienzsteigerung bei Herstellungsprozessen erfordert den innovativen Umgang mit der Digitalisierung. Aber noch wichtiger ist es, eine Kultur der kontinuierlichen Verbesserung zu schaffen. Erfahren Sie mehr über BCGs Vordenkerrolle beim Thema Lean & Manufacturing und erfahren Sie, wie digitale Tools und digitale Leistungsfähigkeit die Fabrik von morgen prägen.



COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.


Shifting Gears in Auto Manufacturing - Rectangle

Shifting Gears in Auto Manufacturing

To succeed in a future of electric vehicles, manufacturers must understand and prepare for the profound effects of this transformation on operations and labor requirements.

Blockchain in the Factory of the Future

Manufacturing operations increasingly require data sharing and collaboration across complex networks of companies and machines. Is blockchain the solution to these challenges?


Made in America: The Future of US Manufacturing

There’s no need more urgent than building a bigger, more highly skilled workforce.

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Lean & Manufacturing in Germany & Austria


Kill the Stop – Small Cause, Big Effect

Production lines are interrupted frequently: Micro-stops slow down processes and teams. Companies that eliminate unplanned interruptions can reduce costs by about 15 percent – and increase productivity. That is an important factor in creating conditions for industry 4.0.


Man and Machine in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will help people remain in or return to the workforce. More jobs will be gained than lost, but workers will require significantly different skills.

BCG's Innovation Center for Operations: Diving into Industry 4.0

Mit Unterstützung von BCGs Innovation Center for Operations in Deutschland, das die Möglichkeit bietet, in die Technologie einzutauchen, können Hersteller die Wirkung ihrer Innovationen und digitalen Technologien ausprobieren, testen und sie sich genau vorstellen.

Supply Chain

Redrawing the Map of Global Trade

Redrawing the Map of Global Trade

Even when the global economy fully recovers, the international trade landscape will look dramatically different in the years ahead than it did before the pandemic.

Inside the Bionic Supply Chain

BCG’s Stefan Gstettner compares the “Bionic Supply Chain” – humans and machines using advanced technologies to collaborate far more effectively – with traditional supply chain approaches, in this excerpt from an interview with LokadTV. See the full episode here: The Bionic Supply Chain.

Expert Interviews

Amit Ganeriwalla on Supply Chains in the Digital Era

Amit Ganeriwalla on Supply Chains in the Digital Era

Amit Ganeriwalla on Supply Chains in the Digital Era

Leveraging Digital to Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Leveraging Digital to Improve Manufacturing Productivity

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