BCG’s Latest Thinking on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The business case for workplace diversity is strong, but many leaders are uncertain how best to build an organization that incorporates a variety of perspectives and experiences. Explore BCG’s latest thinking on diversity and inclusion to understand the benefits of diversity, how to achieve it, and how to unlock the potential of a diverse workforce.

Featured Insights

Diversity & Inclusion in Germany & Austria


BCG Gender Diversity Index 2021

Geschlechterdiversität in Unternehmen ist Treiber von Innovationskraft, Kundenorientierung und besseren finanziellen Kennzahlen. Seit 2017 veröffentlichen die TUM und BCG die jährliche Gender Diversity Studie auf Basis derselben Methodologie. Dadurch wird ein Vergleich des Gender Diversity Index von 2017 bis heute ermöglicht. Dies ist der erste Gender Diversity Index für Deutschlands größte börsennotierte Unternehmen, der den Faktor Gehalt miteinbezieht.

BCG Diversity Livestream: Auf die Mischung kommt es an - Warum deutsche Vorstände mehr Vielfalt brauchen

Obwohl die Talent-Pipeline gut gefüllt ist, kommt die Gleichstellung nur in winzigen Schritten voran. Das belegen neue BCG-Analysen zu Vielfalt in Unternehmen. Im Livestream diskutiert Bundesfamilienministerin Dr. Franziska Giffey mit Entscheidungsträgern und Diversity-Experten, welche Maßnahmen von Politik und Wirtschaft Deutschland wirklich weiterbringen und für mehr Diversität in den Vorstandsetagen sorgen können.

Advancing Diversity

How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Diversity drives innovation and innovation drives diversity. BCG Partner Rocío Lorenzo explains how diverse leadership teams establish themselves and thrive.

COVID-19 Crisis

Fragile Foundations_ Metamorphosis Podcast_DEI LT.png

American Metamorphosis: Fragile Foundations

This episode of the "American Metamorphosis" podcast from BCG and Atlantic Re:think examines the mental load many women carry for their households and explores how businesses can bolster support systems for working parents and caregivers.

Developing Leaders

Closing the Gender Gap in Sales Leadership

To retain their best performers, companies will need to rethink hiring, change how work gets done, encourage sponsorship of women, and publicize the actions they’re taking to improve equity.


Podcasts from Women@BCG

Experts discuss the latest research on diversity and inclusion.

Workforce Trends


When a Paycheck Is Not Enough

Pay, promotion, and benefits have been the traditional carrots for hiring & retaining employees. Gabi Novacek explains how these elements are changing.

The Payoff for Upskilling Women in STEM

Companies can create the workforce they need—and increase the number of women in STEM leadership roles—by offering women more opportunities to build their skills.

Culture & Engagement

Engaging Men

How Millennial Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

BCG Managing Director and Partner Michael Tan explains that younger men are closely aligned with women in how they view gender diversity challenges—and should be a significant part of the solution.

Industry and Regional Insights

BCG-WEF Project: The Inclusivity Quotient - rectangle

BCG-WEF Project: The Inclusivity Quotient

The latest study by BCG and the World Economic Forum explores how thoughtfully designed mobility systems can play a crucial role in everything from a community’s health to socioeconomic gains.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion