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Der Business Case für Vielfalt am Arbeitsplatz ist überzeugend, aber nicht allen Führungskräfte fällt es leicht, die Kluft zu überbrücken. Erkunden Sie die Vordenkerposition von BCG in Bezug auf Vielfalt und Inklusion, um die Vorteile von Vielfalt zu erkennen und zu erfahren, wie sie erreicht werden kann.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

Advancing Diversity

How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Diversity drives innovation and innovation drives diversity. BCG Partner Rocío Lorenzo explains how diverse leadership teams establish themselves and thrive.

COVID-19 Crisis

Diversity & Inclusion in Germany & Austria

Developing Leaders


Women on the Move

BCG research shows that, contrary to popular belief, the majority of women are willing to travel abroad for work. By making international posts more appealing to women as well as to men, companies can build more balanced leadership teams.


Podcasts from Women@BCG

Experts discuss the latest research on diversity and inclusion.

Workforce Trends

Winning the Race for Women in Digital

To build the digital workforce that the future demands, companies must recruit—and retain—women.

Culture & Engagement

Flex-Work Programs That Actually Work

Managing Director and Senior Partner Leila Hoteit offers six imperatives to make flexible-work programs truly effective. Some deal with implementation, while others deal with culture. But all are crucial for success.

Engaging Men

How Millennial Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

BCG Managing Director and Partner Michael Tan explains that younger men are closely aligned with women in how they view gender diversity challenges—and should be a significant part of the solution.

Industry Insights

Why Gender-Based Marketing Is Bad for Business

BCG's Gaby Barrios explains that to build better brands, companies must look beyond gender-based marketing.

What’s Keeping Women Out of Data Science?

An image problem in this fast-growing field has turned into a potentially dangerous diversity problem. Companies must do more to dispel the myths and combat the negative perceptions.

Regional Perspectives


The Diversity Dividend in Southeast Asia

Only about half the companies in the region have a formal diversity program in place—far lower than the global average. But those initiatives are generating results.

Diversity & Inclusion