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OrgBuilder, BCG’s patented software platform, provides a single source of truth for enabling organizational transformation and facilitating change management.

BCG knows that the essence of any organization—people working together collaboratively—is also the basis of competitive advantage. That’s why OrgBuilder addresses organizational redesign, transformation, and employee engagement simultaneously.

With its secure, scalable architecture, OrgBuilder allows managers to focus on placing the most capable employees in positions where they can make the greatest contributions. Since its launch in 2010, BCG has used OrgBuilder as a corporate reorganization tool in more than 3,000 projects, restructuring more than 4 million roles to create higher-performing organizations.

Organization Design for Today’s Needs

Learn more about OrgBuilder, BCG’s proprietary software tool that supports organizational transformations.

Meet BCG’s Experts in Organization Redesign

OrgBuilder in Action

Learn More About the OrgBuilder Methodology

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The Power of Distributed Organization Design

BCG’s proprietary OrgBuilder tool lets companies rapidly achieve design and talent objectives by mobilizing and synchronizing the actions of thousands of individuals throughout the enterprise.

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Unlocking the Value of Talent in PMI

We help companies bring their new organization structure to life using a fair, robust, and transparent talent-selection process.

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Boosting Performance Through Organization Design

In a BCG survey, only half of the enterprises that had recently reorganized deemed their efforts mostly or very successful. Our analysis suggests that six specific factors in organization design can help make a company a top performer.

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Organizing for a Digital Future

Digital does not change the principles of organization design and governance. But because the capabilities and cadences of digital and traditional ways of working can be so different, leaders must approach digital thoughtfully.

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