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TMT companies have an important—and growing—impact on the world, and many have seen great success in the last decade. But they’re also grappling with issues of privacy, influence, trust, and regulation. Explore our latest thought leadership on today’s key challenges, opportunities, and priorities.

Technology Industry

The Biggest Transformation Trap

How do you transform a 101-year-old company with roots in the traditional mail business? The answer is one part innovation and one part sticking to your core.

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Telecommunications Industry

Say Goodbye to Copper Telecom Networks

Say Goodbye to Copper Telecom Networks

In an age of always-on connectivity, copper is giving way to fiber. Companies must forge a phase-out strategy that maintains their customer base and growth prospects.

What’s Next for TMT


The Economic Case for Bringing Broadband to the Rural US

Roughly 23 million Americans lack high-speed internet service. Using a mix of technologies, operators could connect them for far less than the cost of any individual technology—increasing access to education and health care and boosting economic growth into in the bargain.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications