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Data and Analytics

Companies have more data—and more ways to use it—than ever before. What they don’t have is time. BCG’s experts in AI and data and analytics strategy build the platforms and the organizations that turn opportunities into value. Fast.

Data is everywhere, streaming across our world through a growing array of sensors, applications, and business models. Much less common, though, are companies that actually use data and analytics to transform what they do and how they do it. Becoming a data-driven organization isn’t easy. It requires not only a vision but a foundation of the right data assets, data governance, talent, and culture. It means getting data out of silos, adopting new ways of working, and developing new skills and even new mindsets. It takes focus—a relentless one—on business outcomes.

BCG’s Approach to Data and Analytics

In the right environment, with the right enablers, data and analytics drive growth. We develop the strategic, technical, and human capabilities that take companies from vision to value—and create truly data-driven bionic organizations.

Unleashing the Data Economy - collection of publications

Unleashing the Data Economy

Getting the most from the data economy will require increasing data sharing, building new capabilities, harnessing technology, and enabling greater collaboration.

How BCG Fast-Tracks Data and Analytics Strategy and Implementation

The data and analytics journey requires a holistic set of capabilities. One of the hallmarks of our data and analytics strategy work is our ability to call on a global network of industry, functional, and technology experts. Our teams combine BCG data and analytics consulting teams with specialized talent to deliver end-to-end solutions—all while enabling our clients to build and scale their own capabilities.

Below are key groups of specialized talent that work in tightly integrated teams with BCG data and analytics consulting teams to solve business challenges with data and analytics:

  • BCG GAMMA is an analytics powerhouse with a business backbone. It extends the reach of BCG’s advanced analytics consulting, helping to weave AI into processes—and mindsets. BCG GAMMA works with clients to build and scale high-impact solutions that transform business performance, while accelerating value and building competitive advantage. Its expertise covers the full spectrum of advanced analytics applications, including machine learning, deep learning, optimization, simulation, natural language processing, and image analytics.
  • BCG Platinion designs, builds, and implements resilient, client-specific products, platforms, and solutions. It ensures that our data and analytics solutions have a robust technology foundation that connects to the broader architecture.
  • BCG Digital Ventures helps companies think and act like startups. An early-stage growth platform, it invents, launches, and invests in game-changing businesses leveraging the power of data and digital technologies.
  • BCG Omnia develops cutting-edge scalable productized software and data solutions. Among its 250-plus offerings: MSP Catalyst, a suite of cloud-based marketing and pricing applications, and the Digital Acceleration Index, which assesses an organization’s digital strengths and weaknesses.

Our Data and Analytics Work with Clients

BCG’s data and analytics consulting teams have worked with companies across industries to turn data into insights and value.

BCG and KLM Bring AI to Life in Airline Operations

BCG deployed a diverse team of AI, data and analytics, and technology specialists to help KLM turn its approach to operations into a competitive advantage. The result: an increase in customer satisfaction and a 20% to 30% reduction in nonperformance costs.

Making the Most of Consumer Data at Nestle

The food and beverage giant partnered with BCG to identify impact, drive value, and make better decisions across its brands in France.

Unleashing the Power of Data

Malakoff Médéric wanted to use data to improve decision making in customer service, fraud detection, and the pricing of insurance plan premiums. Our data asset experts developed algorithms that delivered more than €10 million in value creation, helped double improvement in fraud detection, and led to the hiring of over 50 new digitally skilled employees.

Improving the Customer and Employee Experience

A global telecom company needed to evolve in order to meet current interaction preferences and stay competitive. DigitalBCG helped them create a transformation program that has generated two times the amount of e-commerce traffic and a gain of over $250 million dollars in revenue in one year alone.

Meet BCG’s Experts in Data and Analytics Consulting

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