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Personalization requires a seamless orchestration of tools and technologies across the different areas of the marketing and data science landscapes. Fabriq by BCG is the connective tissue linking data, tech, and martech, accelerating the optimization of personalized experiences and customized marketing.

Over the past several years, we’ve developed increasingly sophisticated solutions to help our clients—marketers and CMOs, in particular—excel at data-driven marketing. Along this journey, we have distilled our learnings into Fabriq by BCG, a state-of-the-art set of tools, modules, and integration capabilities that are now available, license-free, to all marketers who are looking to power bolder, better personalization programs.

Our focus is value creation, and Fabriq is a catalyst for generating measurable returns through personalization. Fabriq is not another tool—it is the glue that connects your existing data, models, and tools, integrating and surgically injecting intelligence into your existing stack. This means you can more efficiently use the resources you already have in place to rapidly orchestrate precise, one-to-one campaigns.

Marketers who deploy Fabriq to deliver customized marketing have seen impressive results:


How Fabriq Works

There are a lot of layers to a personalized marketing platform. You need to feed the right data into the right models and ensure the right execution and measurement. You need to scale and continually improve use cases. We recognize that different companies are at different stages of the journey. Some have invested heavily in analytics, talent, and technologies; others are just starting out.

Fabriq is therefore built on a modular approach. Companies can leverage the modules they need to develop and connect the layers—and activate their use cases with greater speed and efficiency. All modules can work in isolation, work as a system, or integrate into any existing stack.

Fabriq’s Analytics Workbench

Data Ingestion

Customer DNA

Machine Learning Pipelines

Campaign Builds

Measurement and Experimentation

Fabriq is technology agnostic. It can be integrated with any tech stack or digital personalization platform. Its APIs, tools, and codebase—spanning analytics, security, and infrastructure—are open source, so users have a perpetual free license to use and tweak Fabriq as they see fit.

Holistic and Bionic Personalization Programs

Fabriq by BCG helps companies become bionic—combining technical and human capabilities in ways that complement and supplement each other—and unlocks next-level personalization capabilities. When you become bionic, you get a personalization program for which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Taking a holistic, bionic perspective is a core tenet of our work. To unleash data-driven marketing, BCG GAMMA—our analytics arm—teams with thought leaders across our firm. This multidisciplinary approach doesn’t just help clients embrace new technologies and ways of working. It enables them to take control of their digital future.

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Our Impact on Customized Marketing

Fabriq has unlocked personalized marketing solutions for companies in a variety of industries, including retail, health care, travel, insurance, and financial services. Here are some examples:


Creating a personalization engine— and a $1 billion sales impact. We deployed Fabriq to help a global B2B food service distributor improve customer experiences—and drive top-line growth—through personalization. An initial wave of multiple use cases (including direct-to-customer offers and order prediction and suggestions) sparked $1 billion in incremental sales. Crucially, BCG’s experts looked beyond the algorithms. Feedback from customers and field sales teams helped us improve the analytics models and zero in on high-priority features. Coaching, new sales processes, and new ways of working will help ensure sustained impact.


Improving care quality—and reducing medical costs. For a health plan, customized marketing was the key to simultaneously enhancing experiences, controlling costs, and improving care quality. Using Fabriq, we launched more than 100 initiatives, including care nudges to flag health screenings and next-best actions to reduce surprise billing. For example, Fabriq made it possible to suggest when a member should check preferred labs for an upcoming visit or confirm drug coverage before heading to the pharmacy. Early returns include a 39% increase in email open rates, an 83% jump in new account creation, and—with a 19% rise in net promoter score—higher member satisfaction.

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