BCG’s Strategic Technology and Services Partnerships

Engaging diverse ecosystems of strategic partners is changing how global enterprises collaborate and compete. BCG engages leading technology and services organizations to serve business imperatives, develop collaborative offerings, build capabilities, as well as reveal new opportunities and business models for the clients and communities we serve.

Our partner ecosystem provides us with unique access to capabilities, skills, and resources to better serve our clients, as well as develop cooperative opportunities in pursuit of new business models and market opportunities.

Our Technology and Services Ecosystem

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Reimagining Resilience

The Digital Path to Business Resilience

The Digital Path to Business Resilience

As companies face increased uncertainty and market volatility, the ability to respond effectively to ambiguity and unpredictability will be a critical advantage.

Five Takeaways on Scaling from Growth Tech Revenue Leaders

BCG Growth Tech, in partnership with B Capital, DataRobot, Snowflake, and Reltio, brought together a panel of industry experts to share their insights on how growth techs can scale their annual recurring revenue (ARR) through a focus on talent, partnerships, and strategy.

Digital at Scale

BCG X DataRobot

Learn how the partnership between BCG and DataRobot enables organizations to deliver value-creating models and see substantial impact.

Pivot to Personalization

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Moving Beyond ABM to Account-Based Engagement

To win in B2B markets, companies must expand the scope of account-based marketing to cover hundreds, even thousands, of target customers. The challenge with that kind of ABE is getting marketing, sales, and service to work together. Here’s how ABE leaders are succeeding.

The Digital-Physical Intersection

“BCG’s partner ecosystem is comprised of leaders with global reputation and reach, enabling us to assemble and engage cross-disciplinary teams, capabilities, and perspectives. Through strategic collaboration, we deliver value that powers meaningful and sustained transformation today, as well as cooperatively uncovers new opportunities and solutions for tomorrow.”

Jack Grey
Global Head, Alliances and Programs

Our Alliances Ecosystem Leadership Team

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