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Current economic and political forces are influencing transaction trends in unpredictable ways. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on the sell side and buy side of transactions, as well as post-merger integration, for insights into the deals creating value today.

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Catching the Next Wave of Outbound M&A

This BCG report was commissioned by China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) and launched at China Development Forum 2015. In this report, BCG analyzes China's outbound M&A deals of the past decade, identify the key challenges encountered by Chinese enterprises, and reveal the reasons behind.

The Synergy Trap

The Synergy Trap focuses on the fundamentals of informed acquisition decisions-particularly the notion of synergy and the competitive conditions that must be met to justify transaction prices. Because of the unique gamble that acquisitions represent, executives must clearly understand the financial, strategic, and implementation issues of deals before approaching the negotiating table with the corporate checkbook open.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The 2022 M&A Report: Do Green Deals Create Value? | rectangle

Do Green Deals Create Value?

Many acquirers are generating short- and long-term returns from environmentally focused M&A, but others are struggling to succeed.

The 2022 M&A Report: Green Deals Gain Steam | rectangle

Green Deals Gain Steam

Environmentally focused M&A activity has heated up over the past few years, intensifying competition and driving up prices.

Post-Merger Integration

How Full-Potential PMI Delivers Superior Results

BCG Managing Director & Partner Ib Löfgrén defines the concept of full-potential PMI—a powerful way to help clients deliver value by creating a platform for future growth—and shows how BCG is supporting clients beyond typical benchmarks for traditional PMIs.

Joint Ventures

Igniting Innovation-Based Growth in Africa - rectangle

Igniting Innovation-Based Growth in Africa

The digital industrial revolution provides a golden opportunity for the continent to realize its immense potential for tech startups. Governments should take three basic steps.



IPO Performance and the Quest for Capital

IPOs offering only existing shares outperform those seeking fresh capital due to the signaling effect associated with a public listing.

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