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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation

Responsible AI Is About More than Avoiding Risk | rectangle

Responsible AI Is About More than Avoiding Risk

A new study by BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review finds that treating responsible AI strictly as a way to avoid AI failures is incomplete. Responsible AI leaders take a broader, more strategic approach that generates value for the organization and the world around them.

Why Children Are Unsafe in Cyberspace Square Gradient

Why Children Are Unsafe in Cyberspace

The risks children face online are growing, and the current responses aren't nearly enough. Fixing the problem will require a comprehensive global strategy.

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BCG at COP27

At COP27, public- and private-sector leaders will unite in Egypt to seek solutions alongside BCG, the exclusive COP27 consulting partner.


The So What: A Business Strategy Podcast

From COVID-19 to social inequity, this business strategy podcast series looks around business and social trends and ideas that will disrupt the future.


Innovation Without Borders Series

Talent is universal, opportunity is not. BCG’s Innovation Without Borders Series explores how global migration can create opportunities for individuals, companies, and societies.

caregiver collection_hero_rectangle.jpg

The Working Caregivers Series

Working caregivers—particularly women—left the workforce in record numbers during the pandemic. Now they're returning to work, and companies must deliver the support employees need to make the workplace inclusive and sustainable—or risk losing top talent again.

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Solving Sofware's R&D Conundrum

Solving Software’s R&D Conundrum

Smaller software companies tend to outperform their larger competitors in returns from R&D investments. How can software companies ensure R&D scales even as they grow?

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Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG