BCG helps biopharma companies fulfill their mission of delivering life-changing medicines and therapies, and take advantage of new technologies—including digital, data, and advanced analytics—in order to unlock innovation and bring new medicines to market faster.

Biopharma companies turn inspiration into innovation, discovering new medicines that improve and save lives—and they’re in the midst of transforming how they do it. The global pandemic has pushed digital, data, and analytics to the forefront of the industry, shortening the time it takes to develop new medicines and bring them to patients. Next-generation capabilities are driving more rapid and effective manufacturing and supply chains. They’re also enabling the swift redesign of networks, the creation of new commercial models and patient-engagement ventures, and the pursuit of new value-creation opportunities through M&A.

How We Enable Biopharma Excellence

We support clients in every aspect of biopharma excellence, including strategy, operations, and transformation. Increasingly, this means focusing on digital, data, and analytics, which are driving change throughout the biopharma value chain. BCG provides biopharma sector companies with custom solutions drawn from our deep knowledge of both digital and the industry. Our experts include an extensive group of PhDs and advanced-degree holders in biopharma industry-related disciplines with significant pre-consulting industry experience.

R&D Innovation

Next-Generation Commercial Models

Excellence in Operations

Corporate Finance, Strategy, and M&A

Digital and Analytics Capabilities

Our biopharma consultants work closely BCG’s specialty businesses on specific value-chain priorities, including digital supply chain, next-generation sales, personalization, and digital marketing. With our guidance, companies can rapidly scale new capabilities and ways of working through agile at scale, data and digital platforms, and our Build-Operate-Transfer approach. We collaborate with GAMMA on projects that require applied data science and advanced analytics, and with BCG Digital Ventures to launch new businesses.

BCG’s biopharma consulting experts work with companies to accelerate all of these changes, building a foundation for strong growth and sustained value creation.

Our Proprietary Biopharma Solutions

Integrated into our biopharma industry solutions are an array of proprietary tools, including benchmarks, databases, and other knowledge assets. Some highlights:

Our Client Work in the Biopharma Industry

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R&D Innovation Strategy. We worked with a biopharma company to develop a holistic cell and gene therapy strategy. By collaborating, we identified entry points, current capabilities, possible M&A options, and needed investments, and created a high-level business plan.


Increased Customer Engagement. At a major pharma company, topline growth for a previously underperforming product jumped 50% in a year after BCG used CRM, payer data, and other analytics to assess its promotional efforts and improve customer engagement.

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Disease Management Platform. BCG Digital Ventures partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to launch a platform for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, providing live daily data to clinicians and medical researchers, and allowing for better treatment and drug development.

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Production Network Transformation. We guided a biopharma company through a multiyear transformation of its client network, production system, and supply model. The transformation included realigning site roles, combining portfolios, and pruning SKUs. It resulted in overall savings of more than $1.5 billion.

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Post-Merger Support. We provided post-merger support for the integration of two flagship biopharma companies, preserving the best of each entity’s operating models while unlocking new potential, and creating opportunities to scale and diversify the unified portfolio. The result increased value through improved stock performance.

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