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Machinery and Industrial Automation

In the postpandemic world, manufacturers of machinery and industrial automation need to reinforce resilience so they can successfully navigate economic turbulence, digitize their operations and services, and develop product offerings to address environmental sustainability and green technologies.

Companies focused on manufacturing machinery, components, and equipment for industrial automation have two critical roles to play over the next few years: First, their products enable other industrial companies to transform into highly automated, digital, and sustainable businesses. Second, they need to understand and successfully harness the top trends transforming the machinery and industrial-automation industry if they want to succeed in the decade ahead. BCG’s machinery and industrial-automation consultants collaborate with leaders at these organizations to explore:

Meet Our Leaders in Machinery and Industrial Automation

Winning Strategies in Machinery and Industrial Automation

BCG’s machinery and industrial-automation consulting offerings include a comprehensive suite of advisory services and tools. With these, we help our clients navigate the challenges and address the opportunities emerging in the machinery and industrial-automation industry landscape.

BCG’s Broad and Deep Expertise

Our global team comprises more than 200 core senior consultants and experts who possess in-depth experience across the entire value chain of machinery and industrial automation—including general machinery and components, digital machinery, industry-specific machinery, industrial automation and controls, and building technology.

Our machinery and industrial-automation consultants are supported by researchers, analysts, and experts in 90 offices around the world, as well as a cadre of senior advisors—former C-suite executives from leading companies in this industry and other adjacent segments.

Since 2015, we have supported more than 1,400 client projects around the globe in the machinery and industrial-automation industry. In these engagements, we help our clients tackle various challenges in such areas as strategic planning, corporate development, operations, marketing and sales, and workforce planning.

BCG’s Advisory Services and Partnerships

Digital BCG

We help machinery and industrial-automation companies meet the digital transformation imperative. Our work includes setting digital priorities, digitizing the core business, inventing and investing in new sources of revenue, extracting value from data, and mastering new ways of working driven by digital. Our digital specialty businesses include BCG Digital Ventures, which supports digital business building, and BCG GAMMA, which focuses on data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics solution design.

BCG’s M&A Support

We help investors and companies in the machinery and industrial-automation industry identify investment targets and partnerships in the fast-changing industrial-technology arena. Our experts home in on specialized segments, such as advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles, machine vision, and industrial IoT.

BCG’s Selected State-of-the-art Tools and Proprietary Data

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