Our Client Success Stories

Learn how BCG clients have harnessed the power of digital, technology, and data to launch new digital ventures, drive digital transformation, and push the boundaries of innovation.

Thales Takes on IT Transformation at Scale

The French multinational worked hand in hand with DigitalBCG to support an IS/IT transformation across all its primary functions, including integrating demand management, upgrading people skills, implementing agile principles, and working to foster collaboration while protecting both its own data and its customer confidentiality.

Partnering to Build a Digital Hub in Turkey

Working collaboratively with Koç Holding, BCG created a scalable digital center of excellence that aims to become a leading analytics and IoT resource.

Brewing an Agile Transformation at Heineken

The Dutch beverage conglomerate began its agile transformation in the IT department, where leadership worked hand-in-hand with other departments as well as with outside suppliers and the company’s employee work council.

Becoming the World’s Most Personalized Brand

DigitalBCG used predictive analytics and machine learning to create a real-time personalization experience for Starbucks. We implemented one-to-one personalization offers and recommendations for customers, which led to a 150% increase in user interaction.

Creating a New Shipping Platform in Six Months

DigitalBCG helped UPS create Ware2Go, a new digital platform to support B2B companies by offering a nationwide fulfillment network. Ware2Go unlocks new opportunities for growth in the world of two-day shipping.

Tapping into the Digitally Native Generation

When Allergan saw that over 65 million consumers were showing immense interest in medical aesthetics, the company sought to become a leading digital information center on the topic. DigitalBCG helped Allergan launch three different digital direct-to-consumer ventures.

Improving the Customer and Employee Experience

A global telecom company needed to evolve in order to meet current interaction preferences and stay competitive. DigitalBCG helped them create a transformation program that has generated two times the amount of e-commerce traffic and a gain of over $250 million in revenue in one year alone.

Transforming the End-to-End Customer Journey

BCG partnered with an Australian bank to create a completely digital journey for banking customers.

Unleashing the Power of Data

Malakoff Médéric wanted to use data to improve decision making in customer service, fraud detection, and pricing of insurance for plan premiums. DigitalBCG developed algorithms that helped double improvement in fraud detection and led to the hiring of over 50 new digitally skilled employees.


Deutsche Bahn: Digital Transformation of Time Tabling

BCG Platinion worked with the German rail operator to transform its slow manual process for the planning and booking of cargo routes into a cutting-edge and dramatically faster one. The project delivered huge capacity gains--and changed how Deutsche Bahn thinks about IT.

BCG and KLM Bring AI to Life in Airline Operations

BCG deployed a diverse team of AI and technology specialists to help KLM turn its operations into a competitive advantage. The result was an increase in customer satisfaction and a decrease in operating costs.

Reimagining IT to Rev Up Digital Transformation

In the face of massive industry changes, Nissan has transformed its IT function, becoming “Nissan Digital.” In this interview, Tony Thomas, the automaker’s CIO, describes how Nissan scaled its digital capabilities throughout the business, reshaped its application portfolio, and upskilled its IT team.

Alfa-Bank’s Michael Tuch on Transforming Customer Journeys

Starting and scaling these journey transformations, he says, requires the three key P’s: people, people, people.

Diageo’s Journey with BCG and Catalyst

Adam Ben-Yousef, Diageo’s global marketing effectiveness director, discusses the overwhelming volume of options facing marketers today—a product of new channels, fast times, and an explosion of data. BCG’s team, backed by a powerful cloud-based software platform called MSP Catalyst, helped Adam wade through Diageo’s choices and make better decisions on where to invest his marketing capital.

How Ford Organized for Digital Operations at Scale

Digitization—when done right and at scale—yields impressive results. Discover how manufacturing companies can learn from Ford’s success as Mike Mikula, Ford’s global chief engineer, shares insights with BCG’s Jonathan Van Wyck.

Transforming the Business Through Technology

HSBC first transformed its IT function to build a “simpler, better, faster” bank. Darryl West, Group CIO at HSBC, provides insight how to successful implement an ambitious change agenda.

How Digitization Is Giving Consumers Control over Their Identity

By partnering with BCG, Australia Post digitally transformed the country’s paper-based identity system.

Digitalization Lessons Shipping Can Learn from Other Industries

CEO Troels Støvring discusses Twill Logistics’ partnership with BCG Digital Ventures to uncover new digital solutions for shipping customers.

Using Blockchain to Revolutionize Capital Markets and Supply Chains

Sophie Gilder, Head of Experimentation at Commonwealth Bank, looks at the global impact of recent blockchain technology developments.

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