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Companies with the highest customer satisfaction scores generate twice as much shareholder value than those earning average scores. Our revolutionary approach helps clients achieve this feat—by creating an unsurpassed customer experience.

Many companies have invested heavily in improving their customer experience. More often than not, though, they end up making only incremental fixes to the status quo—achieving just 5% to7% year-over-year improvement in customer satisfaction. To power real progress—the 30% to 50% improvement needed to make meaningful impact—companies need a customer experience revolution, not an evolution. That’s where our customer experience consultants come in.

Our unique methodology transforms the overall customer experience strategy, delivering unprecedented outcomes that transcend improvements in individual functions. To do so, we draw on a suite of proprietary tools and multidisciplinary expertise ranging from technology and data and analytics to change management.

Our Approach to Customer Experience

We help clients revolutionize their customer experience strategy by mastering the five elements of our MIDAS methodology:

  • Measure business impact. We equip clients with the capabilities to assess every customer interaction in real time. The resulting data generates insights for measuring the customer experience and designing interventions that improve each step in the customer journey.
  • Innovate the customer experience—from scratch. Human-centric designers—armed with a deep understanding of how customers interact with companies—help clients envision a future state and then effect breakthrough improvements essential to achieving the target.
  • Deliver customer journeys—front to back. We help clients consolidate and coordinate multiple change initiatives aimed at improving customer journeys. This includes pooling talent and funding from across the company to create multifunctional teams focused on delivering results far greater than the sum of their parts.
  • Activate a customer-first culture. We show clients how to make the customer experience the responsibility of virtually every leader and employee. This includes prioritizing the importance of customer experiences, designing the right reward systems, and fostering dialogue between senior executives and front-line leaders on what teams are learning from customers.
  • Synchronize and unify customer engagement across channels. Our customer experience consultants help clients create a 360-degree view of the customer that’s consistent across the organization—by engaging with customers through seamless, personalized interactions across multiple touch points. This includes centralizing omnichannel customer experience data, deploying digital tools to continuously gather and analyze the data, and recommending the next best moves.

Our framework focuses on both the business impact of an improved customer experience and the operational excellence required to enhance a client’s cost-to-income ratio. By taking a holistic approach to customer experience management, we position clients to achieve innovations that cut across the business. The cross-functional teams we help them build deliver outcomes that simply aren’t possible in organizations where functions such as marketing, sales, and operations remain siloed.

Meet Our Customer Experience Consulting Team

Our Unique Suite of Customer Experience Tools

Our teams deploy a suite of tools that help clients gain and track insights from metrics crucial to customer experience management. The tools our customer experience consultants use include:

Our Latest Thinking on Maximizing Customer Experience

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How to Meet Customers’ Needs in Uncertain Times

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