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How to Manage a Presidential Transition

Federal agencies and government institutions have their work cut out for them as the new administration prepares to take office.

The transition to a new presidential term is a massive undertaking—and one of the key hallmarks of US democracy. Effective governance on a national scale depends on a smooth White House transition process and, just as important, on federal agencies’ ability to adapt and react to the demands of a new term. Our government institutions—and the incoming Biden administration—need a playbook for how to navigate this critical period, particularly amid the turbulence brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

At BCG, we know there's a lot of work to be done outside of the Executive Office. Government agencies, particularly, bear the brunt of this momentous transition, while civil servants—the backbone of government—are responsible for managing changes as they occur. New policies mean new organizational priorities, a turnover in high-level leadership positions, and, in many cases, the need to reimagine how things gets done.

BCG’s deep experience in partnering with the highest levels of the public sector, and our wide-ranging capabilities in related topics, will serve these agencies well as they prepare for the work that lies ahead.

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BCG Leaders in the Spotlight

This year’s presidential transition is even more complicated because of the pandemic. Remote work has placed an extra burden on the process and created extra steps for everyone to get up to speed quickly.

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Sharon Marcil
Managing Director & Senior Partner, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Client Team Chair
Washington, DC

There will be real opportunities for businesses to work productively with the White House on a number of issues, whether related to climate, the digital divide, or finding win-win solutions on immigration.

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Rich Lesser
Chief Executive Officer
New York

Every leader must recognize that 2021 is one of the most uncertain years the world has ever faced. We've rarely had to plan for anything close to this level of uncertainty.

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Rich Lesser
Chief Executive Officer
New York

Discover Our Work with the Partnership for Public Service

BCG has worked with the Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition since 2012 to produce resources for three presidential transitions, including a curriculum for senior leaders, counsel for transition teams, and the Presidential Transition Guide, which is the first comprehensive document of its kind.

Insights for the C-Suite

A New Course for Climate in the US - Rectangle

A New Course for Climate in the US?

President-elect Joe Biden has proposed the most ambitious climate policy in American history. How should companies get ready for the changes that are coming?

A Nation Divided

CEOs are increasingly concerned with employees’ well-being. They are being challenged to convey a sense of community, humanity, and support for the democratic process in a time of distrust and political division.


Leading in the New Reality

What will the world look like after the pandemic? The answer is, in part, up to leaders in business and government around the world. They can shape our new reality.

Learn About Our Expertise

In the coming months, agencies must plan for change, organize for success, build new teams, and clearly express their objectives—no mean feat, especially when faced with the ongoing trials of the global pandemic. In this landscape of uncertainty and transformation, agencies can look to BCG for expertise in the following topics:

Large-Scale Change. Many public sector organizations operate in a state of constant flux, but a new term requires extra diligence and adaptability.

Leadership Development. Turnover is a reality in any presidential transition. New leaders must be ready to take charge of their organizations and to build effective teams.

Digital Government. Change is inevitable. Agencies must harness technology and AI solutions to transform themselves while managing costs.

Taxpayer Experience. Even amid change, federal agencies must continue to provide for citizens. Now is the time to implement new ways of working and to improve the user experience.

Employee Upskilling. The start of a new term provides an excellent opportunity to improve processes and develop talented teams capable of serving the American people.

Public Sector Hero

Public Sector

A presidential transition is no excuse for public sector organizations to slow down. They are expected to deliver seamlessly for their citizens, even during a transition—and especially in times of crisis. These organizations must continue to devise creative solutions to complex problems. BCG helps the public sector improve how it operates so that it can meet, and exceed, its high-stakes goals.

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How to Manage a Presidential Transition