US Public Sector and Government

For the US public sector, it’s never been more critical to deliver robust, cutting-edge services to citizens. BCG empowers government organizations—and crucially, their people—to operate in transformative ways.

At its best, the US public sector inspires, opens the door to opportunities, and enables people to reach their full potential. Public sector leaders are challenged to bring out that best in an environment where budgets are tight, crises reorder priorities, and the underlying technology sometimes shows its age. They must find new ways of working: fostering collaboration, agility, and novel approaches to serving citizens.

What Makes BCG’s US Public Sector Consulting Teams Different

BCG's US government consulting experts are helping organizations build the capabilities—both human and technical—essential for meeting vital, complex imperatives. Together, we can usher in a golden age for the public sector. Our unique combination of expertise, resources, and approaches empowers the US public sector:

We apply cutting-edge commercial practices

We focus on outcomes while emphasizing enablement

We never lose sight of the societal impact

BCG and the Partnership for Public Service's Best Places to Work in the Federal Government Rankings

BCG is a proud sponsor of the Partnership for Public Service’s annual ranking of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government. The rankings measure employee engagement and satisfaction at the agency and sub-agency level.

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BCG’s US Public Sector Solutions and Services

Our US government consulting draws upon a network of experts—thought leaders in a full range of functions, technologies, and ways of working. We also call upon solutions and services that help US federal government, state, and local sector organizations realize a bold vision for responding to today’s—and tomorrow’s—most pressing needs and challenges. Among our areas of focus:


Defense and Security

Our defense and security work covers a comprehensive suite of offerings, including acquisition excellence; maintenance, repair, and operations improvement; and sustainment modernization, to help clients achieve impressive outcomes.

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Infrastructure and Cities

BCG’s public sector infrastructure team is the premier strategic advisor to infrastructure planners, owners, and operators. We help to deploy holistic solutions that deliver economic competitiveness and drive equity and sustainability.

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Health Care Excellence

BCG brings health care and functional expertise to help public sector leaders resolve their most complex problems, catalyze transformations and change, and use data and analytics to improve decision making and operational effectiveness.

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The Future of Work

The Future of Work is here. BCG has developed a proven approach that enables federal and state/local governments to drive organizational performance in the context of the fundamental shifts that have occurred in the public sector’s ways of working.

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Talent and Organization Transformations

BCG has the expertise needed to help public sector clients adapt their structure, processes, and governance to drive organizational performance. We have extensive people analytics capabilities and proven solutions to help organizations attract, engage, upskill, and retain the talent they need to deliver on their mission.

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IT Infrastructure and Digital Transformation

BCG helps agencies implement large scale IT modernizations and new ways of working at scale while upskilling digital talent to meet today’s demands.

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AI, Advanced Analytics, and Data-Driven Decision Making

Our digital consulting team helps our public sector clients build the government of tomorrow by creating bold new AI and digital solutions that help the government generate maximum impact for citizens.

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Government Acquisition and Procurement

BCG’s acquisition and procurement work allows organizations to establish efficient operating models, strengthen supply chain resilience, and ensure that government agencies receive the best value for their spend.

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Public Sector Transformation

At BCG, we focus on envisioning, designing, and implementing large-scale change and build new capabilities across organizations and improve services to citizens. 

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Government Leadership Transition

Effective governance depends on a smooth transition process and seamless alignment. BCG’'s experts provide comprehensive resources to help leaders hit the ground running as they move into office.

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BCG’s Client Impact in the US Public Sector

 We’ve partnered with major government organizations to support—and spark—their transformations. The result: more efficient, more effective, and more innovative ways of working. Here are some examples.


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Our Insights on the US Public Sector

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