US Public Sector and Government

For the US public sector, it’s never been more critical to deliver robust, cutting-edge services to citizens. BCG empowers government organizations—and crucially, their people—to operate in transformative ways.

At its best, the US public sector does more than support citizens. It inspires, enables, and opens the door to opportunities, creating a future where people can realize their full potential. The challenge is bringing out that best in an environment where budgets are tight, crises reorder priorities, and the underlying technology sometimes shows its age.

Public sector leaders are overcoming this challenge by finding new ways of working: fostering collaboration, agility, and novel approaches to serving citizens. BCG helps them go even further. We partner with government organizations to accelerate innovation, develop digital solutions, and scale the practices and processes that work best. Together, we can usher in a golden age for the public sector.

BCG’s US government consulting experts are helping organizations build the capabilities—both human and technical—essential for meeting vital, complex imperatives.

What Makes BCG’s US Public Sector Consulting Teams Different

Our unique combination of expertise, resources, and approaches empowers the US public sector:

  • We apply cutting-edge commercial practices. Our experience transforming companies across industries enables us to craft proven, interdisciplinary solutions to the missions of government organizations. The result: a foundation and culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and responsiveness—in just the right ways. As trusted advisors, we work with organizations to zero in on the unique challenges they face and develop end-to-end approaches for meeting—and exceeding—their goals.
  • We focus on outcomes while emphasizing enablement. True success—the kind that brings long-term sustainable results—comes only when solutions stick and government organizations can build on the foundation we cocreate. Our most senior US public sector leaders are on the ground teaching, enabling, and empowering. The idea: to give teams the tools and the ability to continually improve long after we leave the scene.
  • We never lose sight of the societal impact. Our larger purpose is both succinct and bold: to unlock the potential of those who advance the world. In this, we are guided by the values to which we adhere: collaboration, integrity, and our commitment to each other, to clients, and to society. We invest deeply in our people and a culture that channels and unleashes a diversity of talent, experience, and thinking. It lets us drive inspired impact in the US public sector.

BCG x The Atlantic Re:think Present American Metamorphosis

We face converging crises in a number of arenas, all of which demand nonlinear solutions that come with tradeoffs. Building new housing, for example, may exacerbate climate change, which in turn threatens food systems. A novel AI development could put jobs at risk and lead to even higher inflation. In the third season of American Metamorphosis, the podcast from BCG and Atlantic Re:think, we explore the risks of making progress. We also reflect on our past, revisiting moments when hope and history collided, as we consider our vision for the future.

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BCG’s US Public Sector Solutions and Services

Our US government consulting draws upon a network of experts—thought leaders in a full range of functions, technologies, and ways of working. We also call upon solutions and services that help US federal government, state, and local sector organizations realize a bold vision for responding to today’s—and tomorrow’s—most pressing needs and challenges. Among our areas of focus:

BCG’s Client Impact in the US Public Sector

Establishing an organization to manage—and spur interagency adoption of—shared services

New shared services hold the potential to automate processes, improve customer satisfaction, and boost efficiency, among other benefits. We helped a large US federal agency create a new organization to manage a marketplace of these solutions. A critical element of our approach: customer centricity. That meant bringing together interagency stakeholders to ensure that the voice of the customer was always heard—and was always at the center of the vision and its execution.

Creating a tool to optimize capabilities and cost for a major defense program

Leveraging the expertise and digital solutions of BCG GAMMA and BCG Platinion, we developed—in just ten weeks—a unique tool that helps decision makers on a key defense project evaluate the costs and capabilities of different design choices. This helps program managers better understand tradeoffs and work with manufacturers to optimize the development process—and its results.

Operating model transformation

We teamed with a military procurement organization to develop an agile, data-driven model for acquiring both large platforms and individual systems. Our experts took a multipronged approach: implementing proven commercial techniques, leveraging open architecture, standing up a transformation office, and—crucially—developing a robust change management program to embed the new ways of working. The result wasn’t just faster decision making but better decision making, supported by improved access to data and a rigorous reporting system. The new model was itself a model: for how to improve the capabilities of government employees and make more effective use of available resources.

Meet Our US Government Consulting Experts

BCG’s Latest Thinking on the US Public Sector

Building a Resilient Government - rectangle

Building a Resilient Government

The pandemic won’t be the last global crisis we face. Here are six principles public sector organizations should follow to prepare for future disruptions.

Achieving Cost Transparency for Governments

By applying a commercial lens to a government challenge, BCG has developed a four-step approach to making more informed budgetary decisions by rapidly uncovering cost insights. And all with lower upfront investment, not disrupting the services and processes that employees and citizens depend on.

US Public Sector and Government