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To create value and spur growth, retail companies must digitize their operations and take a customer-centric approach to transformation. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on today’s retail industry trends to help plan your company's future.

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Retail in India


Turn the Tide | Unlock the new consumer path to purchase

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors in India, which are altering the path-to-purchase across categories. 80%+ consumers likely to continue practice social distancing and are bringing the outside inside, 40%+ consumers are dialing up on health and wellness spends, e-commerce adoption has advanced by 2-3 years - to name a few. These aren’t just temporary surges, and many will last longer and become more defining traits.

Decoding Value Creation in Retail

This study looks at value creation in retail to identify companies that have been able to consistently deliver superior shareholder return. Customer centricity emerges as a key lever for growth going forward.

Decoding the Digital Opportunity in India

This report was published by BCG in association with the Retailers Association of India. The study explores the digital opportunity in India through some secular trends and lesser-known facts about the digital behavior of consumers. Indian retailers will need to re-imagine and re-engineer their business models to win in the digital world.

Managing Through COVID-19


Retail in the Eye of the Storm

Companies have made dramatic changes to stay afloat. But they must go further, refocusing on longer-term actions that will carry them through the pandemic.


The Playbook for a Smart Retail Reopening

To reopen safely and profitably, stores should take a holistic approach that includes a long-term strategy, a dedicated team, and a rollout plan that they can adapt quickly in response to initial outcomes.

Reigniting Retail Demand

Many retailers are in the process of reopening their doors to a changed world. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered what consumers are looking for and has driven an even more radical shift in how they shop to meet those demands. Moreover, as consumers worry about their health and the prospect of a prolonged economic downturn, a return to pre-pandemic levels of shopping and spending is far from guaranteed. For retailers, this raises a daunting question: how can they reignite consumer demand in a way that reflects the new reality?

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BCG Executive Perspectives

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. Our latest edition delves into the different ways the pandemic is affecting consumption habits and what this means for companies trying to keep up.

Advanced Analytics, AI, and Digital


Scaling the Store of the Future

New technologies can lure consumers back to stores with experiences they can’t get online. Here’s how retailers can ensure a fast, effective rollout.


The Business Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail—Omnichannel

Giving the customer infinite pathways, omnichannel is the new frontier in shopping. This first video in BCG’s series on the future of retail takes us to China to learn how customers and retailers both benefit.

The Time Is Ripe for Food Tracing

The Time Is Ripe for Food Traceability

Food traceability is here to stay. The question is whether food companies, distributors, and retailers treat it as a regulatory burden or a strategic opportunity.


Chinese Consumers and the Digital Economy

China represents one of the biggest retail opportunities in the world. To seize it, companies must understand the digital and economic trends that are driving Chinese consumers.



Fashion’s Big Reset

Recovery from the COVID-19 crisis requires a radical business redesign. Brands must cut operating costs, boost e-commerce, and invest for the future.


Digital in the Luxury Goods Market

Digital in the Luxury Goods Market

Digital in the Luxury Goods Market


How Should Brands Maximize the Benefit of Proliferation?


The Importance of a Brand’s Authenticity

Transformation, Growth, & Value Creators


Can Traditional Retailers Counter the Online Threat?

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods was a shot across the bow. To compete with e-commerce players, established retailers must improve their value proposition, their internal operations, and the customer experience.

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