Solutions and Tools for the Power & Utility Industry

BCG’s customized tools and strategies embrace new business models and drive profitable growth.

Power Generation: Digitization Health Check

Today’s power generators must exploit digital technologies to the fullest in order to achieve operational excellence. BCG’s digitization health check can help.


BCG’s Utility Market Analysis Platform

To thrive in today’s volatile environment, utilities must make bold moves. BCG’s utility market analysis platform helps to codify the emerging challenges in the rapidly evolving utility ecosystem.


Power Generation Model

For power producers to optimize strategic planning and decision making, they need detailed information about the key factors affecting wholesale regional power markets. BCG’s power generation model provides detailed insights, spanning a wide range of variables.


Energy Sales and Service Benchmark

Energy retailers are facing an increasingly complex operating environment. BCG’s energy sales and service benchmark allows them to see how they compare with others—and how to improve.


Global Energy Scenario Model

Amid the challenges of climate change, volatile energy prices, and regulatory changes, BCG’s global energy scenario model helps companies make the best decisions possible.

Power and Utilities