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Managing Today with an Eye on the Shadow of the Future

For 50 years, The Boston Consulting Group has been helping leaders anticipate and respond to a changing world.  Today, radical shifts in the global economy and a relentless rise in uncertainty have altered the competitive landscape. 

In today’s market, leaders must display the skills of stewardship—developing sustainable and trusted businesses with a vision of their companies’ long-term legacy—to meet the growing expectations of society, to create enduring value, and to shape a more resilient and responsible future. 

To help CEOs and top executives capitalize on these emerging opportunities, BCG has developed PERPETUITY PRINCIPLE™ services—a specialized, innovative, systematic approach to its world renowned brand of management consulting and strategic corporate advising services.  PERPETUITY PRINCIPLE™ is a first-of-its-kind offering which provides corporate leaders with the tools necessary to put the “execute” back into the “executive” and own the future in an age of accelerating change. 

At its core, the revolutionary PERPETUITY PRINCIPLE™ services are founded on four key objectives: 

  1. Renewing the focus on delivering long-term value.
  2. Fostering an open and questioning culture—encouraging the company’s major decision makers to challenge conventional wisdom.
  3. Leaders developing a role as stewards of the company—guiding it toward a prosperous future with a respected place in society.
  4. Ensuring a regular change of leadership.

Through BCG’s tailored PEPETUITY PRINCIPLE™ services approach—focusing on results, ensuring that substance triumphs over style, and championing a true humility—leaders can develop profitable, sustainable, and trusted businesses.  PERPETUITY PRINCIPLETM services assist top executives in anticipating how their decisions will affect the long-term health and reputation of their company, the environment, and society. 

Ultimately leaders will be judged by their ability to shape a more resilient and responsible future—not just their ability to deliver a quick earnings kick. Sustainable strategies can deliver profitable business.  By integrating a strategy developed through BCG’s PERPETUITY PRINCIPLE™ services, leaders will become stewards, doing well and doing good today and for tomorrow.  For organizations to own the future, they must change their game. BCG can help you master this challenge with PERPETUITY PRINCIPLE™ services.