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TMT companies have an important—and growing—impact on the world, and many have seen great success in the last decade. But they’re also grappling with issues of privacy, influence, trust, and regulation. Explore our latest thought leadership on today’s key challenges, opportunities, and priorities.

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6 Factors for Success

Telcos need to plan their digital transformation pathways methodically in order to unlock value. Patrick Forth, a managing director and senior partner, explores six key factors that need to be addressed to successfully transform your organization.

Say Goodbye to Copper Telecom Networks

In an age of always-on connectivity, copper is giving way to fiber. Companies must forge a phaseout strategy that maintains their customer base and growth prospects.

What’s Next for TMT

This is How To Counter the Global Digital Divide

Connectivity has become a conduit to information, communication, education, and societal well-being. BCG has teamed up with the WEF and UNDP to help ensure that everyone has access to these benefits.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications