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With the evolution of today’s energy market, companies in the power and utilities industry must be prepared to reinvent themselves. New and more stringent regulations, novel forms of competition (even for regulated utilities), and questions about the best ways for power and gas grids to navigate the energy transition and integrate conventional and renewable power supplies are plaguing the industry.

At the same time, digital is transforming how utilities serve customers, identify market opportunities, and plan for long-term growth. To thrive in this environment, utilities must reexamine and, in many cases, transform their business models to focus on full-scale digital transformation and decarbonization.

Our Power and Utilities Services


Power Generation

In a challenging environment, BCG helps companies regain competitiveness and fund the journey to prepare for the future.



Companies turn to BCG to deliver value through strategy, scale, and new technologies in the reusable energy sector.


Energy Networks

BCG helps networks navigate disruptions and transform for the future.


Retail Energy

With a range of techniques, BCG works with retailers to upgrade their strategy and operations.

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Commodity Trading

Clients throughout the power industry work with BCG to maximize the value of their power portfolio and discover other valuable solutions.


Distributed Energy Resources

Clients work with BCG to adapt their business models for distributed energy resources challenges and opportunities.

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Natural Gas and LNG

BCG’s deep expertise helps clients optimize their gas supply portfolios.

For more topics related to the power and utilities industry, read about supply chain management, large capital project management, and procurement.

Thriving in the Energy Transition

Facing make-or-break choices from the imperatives of decarbonization and sustainable energy production, energy and power providers can still survive and prosper by making the right strategic and operational moves.

Shaping the Global Energy Transition

Together, we need to rethink our energy production and consumption, come up with holistic solutions, and respond to the challenges and opportunities facing our planet.


BCG’s utility consulting teams help their global clients undertake five crucial steps in to reinvent themselves:

  1. Decarbonize and transition from fossil-based to renewable energy sources
  2. Build a strategy to fund the energy transition and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement
  3. Reorganize for innovation and agility while managing costs
  4. Leverage digital to become a bionic company by combining the best of technology and humanity
  5. Embrace new business models to continuously create value for customers throughout the industry

How BCG Delivers Impact in Power and Utilities

BCG delivers lasting change to our power and utilities industry clients around the globe. Read about the impact we’ve had and the solutions we bring.

Digitizing E.ON’s Core Business

BCG helped E.ON reshape its core business into a powerful tool capable of addressing the challenges facing the power and utilities industry, such as climate change.

Climate Neutral by 2035

Eneco, a Rotterdam-based energy company, recently announced an ambitious plan to become carbon neutral by 2035. BCG’s Christophe Brognaux spoke with As Tempelman, Eneco’s CEO, to learn the story behind the “One Planet” plan—and why Tempelman believes it’s so important to act now on climate change.


Global Energy Scenario Model

Amid the challenges of decarbonization, climate change, volatile energy prices, and regulatory changes, BCG’s global energy scenario model helps companies make the best decisions possible.


Digital Health Check: Power Generation Digitization

BCG’s digitization health check helps power generators better understand and optimize their use of digital technologies.


Utility Reduces Churn and Boosts Profits

BCG worked with a major European player in the utility market to design a strategy that would reduce customer attrition in the face of intensifying competition.


A Utility Transforms Its Operations and Culture

BCG worked with a large international energy utility to overhaul its core business and culture, resulting in substantial gains in operating efficiency and overall business performance.

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Our Latest Thinking in the Power and Utilities Sector

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