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Bridging vast disparities in educational outcomes is a global challenge that requires the collaboration of public and private institutions. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on education for insights into the future of learning.

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Reskilling and Upskilling

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The Future of Jobs in the Era of AI

An in-depth analysis of the US, Germany, and Australia shows how technology will disrupt labor markets by 2030—displacing millions of workers but creating new opportunities as well.


Future Skills Assessment

Explore BCG’s Future Skills Architect tool to gauge the skills mismatch in your country’s labor supply, understand its root causes, and more.

Closing the Digital Divide

Higher Education

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A Turnaround for Higher Ed in the US

Many American colleges and universities need to pivot strategically if they are to build a resilient future. We offer the University of Tulsa as a case study in how to succeed.

Global Education

How to Spread Innovative Ideas for Improving Access to Quality Education

When local educators work with international entities to implement high-quality educational programs simultaneously, the world moves closer to achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.

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The Next 50 Years of Work

Experts anticipate that jobs will blossom over the next 50 years—even as technology becomes more prevalent and climate challenges persist.

The Future of Education

Education as a Catalyst for Climate Progress Hero Rectangle

Education as a Catalyst for Climate Progress

Education is a powerful means of spurring behavioral change and collective action, cultivating green skills, ensuring a just transition to a sustainable economy, and building communities’ adaptive capacity.

The Future of Work Is the Future of Education

Many employers complain that today’s graduates are unprepared for the work world they face. BCG Senior Partner J Puckett explains what education systems need to focus on in order to provide learners with the skills that the future of work will require.

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