HiPerOrg and OrgBuilder

HiPerOrg and OrgBuilder are proprietary BCG solutions that identify areas for improvement and support the development of high-performing organizations.


BCG’s High-Performing Organization (HiPerOrg) framework uses our proprietary organization design software, online surveys, interview templates, and comparative data to assess how organizations measure up against six critical success factors of high-performing organizations. These factors are:

  1. Adaptive leaders and strong leadership teams
  2. Organizational structure and roles designed for alignment and accountability
  3. A strategic HR function for effective talent management
  4. An ability to drive and sustain change
  5. The capability to effectively engage externally
  6. Effective workplace engagement and culture that drives discretionary effort from employees

Based on the findings and a library of best practices, BCG Organization experts work with clients to build the capabilities they need to fill in the gaps.


BCG’s OrgBuilder tool helps companies and government agencies manage complex organization design and change efforts. By using this easy-to-navigate interactive tool, organizations can quickly and efficiently undertake significant reorganization activities and address critical success factors.

Complementary tools and databases include:

  • Excellence in support functions—benchmarking
  • Activities-based optimization
  • Talent planner
  • SmartSpan
  • Roadmapping
  • Strategic workforce planning